New DG Post: Out of Sync

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I’m politely hijacking Kelsey’s find of DG’s new post to let everyone know that she updated it at some point today. She’s transcribed things from her dad’s journal, which is volume freaking one of The Monarch Papers!


Deirdre posted again yesterday!

She said she got the things from Monica and found something very interesting - a journal called The Monarch Papers Volume One!! Hopefully she posts pictures.

Sorry @Eaves if I highjacked your posts just excited that we are getting more Monarch Papers :smile_cat:


Wow, this is seriously mind blowing. So Sullivan was the advanced magic practitioner that Cagliostro was speaking of. Now Deirdre has Volume I and Cagliostro has Volume III… I wonder if they’ll cross paths at some point? And who has Volume II?

I’m so excited to see what happens next. Hopefully Deirdre will tell us more about Volume I! :smiley:


Nice catch @Kelsey and no worries at all! This is nuts!


Endri doesn’t like it when I fiddle with her forum but DG updated her entry so I moved all our posts to this one topic so they will show on the Basecamp blog.

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