New DG Post: Neither Here Nor There

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I can’t imagine what she must be feeling right now:


Omg poor Deirdre! This must be so hard for her!


It seems that the Storm is much more horrific then we could ever have imagined! A Storm of Souls

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That is odd he basically told her the same story again. Maybe an insurance if Colby hasn’t been around to do the Tome Kindling the first time?

So the 1994 mountaineer were wiped out in 1998? I guess that’s when we are speaking to.

This totally messes up my plan to sneak a message to myself to stop that bad haircut in 1995. Sure they SAY ‘business in the front. Party in the back’, but it was a sad, lonely party let me tell you…

By 1998 everything was fine though so I guess we can focus on the Book.


I think a few of us thought that the year might have been 1998 because that was the year that Dawson’s Newsletter went out (I’m sorry, but I don’t have the link to that on hand). Others figured it was still 1994/1995, and they sort of won out without there being much of an argument about it. Now we know that we’ve been communicating with 1998 this whole time, but I’m not sure it changes much in the realm of trying to open the book.


I agree it’s odd that he retold the story. I wonder if there are any new details he included here that might be important. For example, I’m curious about this mysterious “object” that wounded both her parents. It almost sounds like whatever damage it did to Sullivan’s mind could have been what prevented the storm from finding him.


This is very interesting, for one I’m surprised that he still had the fore-thought to want to protect his family from the storm. He seemed quite mad, his obsession with Neithernor sounded like it completely consumed him, so someone in his state even before getting hit with that object shouldn’t have cared about them. For example, she describes him as “cold and distant” implying he is less emotional and honestly the fact that he is returning at all seems kind of like a habit instead of a want. Like he was falling into a patter, i.e go to neithernor, find proof, bring it back. I kind of went on a tangent but moral of the story is, he strangely still is invested in them enough to be concerned about them and the storm.