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“The Book of Kings.”


Wait WHAT!?!

Monarchs Mountain clearly aren’t who we thought they were? He made it sound like all six houses were in agreement, but it makes me wonder how different the guilds must be from the houses.
Because I would bet my magiq that the Gossmere wouldn’t stand idly by while the storm ravaged Earth… I’m crestfallen honestly, part of me had hoped at the end of this we would rejoin MM.

Now we need to focus on getting the book before them, because gods knows what they will do with it if they get there first.


I… I don’t like it. Why?!? Why not help?!? If you have the kind of maqic to stop the Storm then use it?! MM probably can’t even open the BoB, so they watch us and the other Lodges hoping for one to open it.


They seem to be almost as bad as the silver. This all seems to be a game to them. I dont trust them


Thats so disgusting! What are we to them, pawns? Playthings? What about the 94, who died searching for this damned book!?


What about the 94 Mounties? We make sure they didnt sacrifice in vain. That’s what.


The enemy of my enemy is my friend, in most cases. This is not one of them.


Darn right!


I’m not trying to defend them because they’ve let a lot of people be hurt and even killed by not acting, but they’d been hunted for what, centuries, by The Silver? They know them better than anyone. And they thought the only way they could survive and possibly fight someday, was to hide until they could strike (at least I hope that was their plan.) I guess I’m trying to see the human side of them because it would be such a loss, all that rich history and knowledge and experience wasted because of their fear.

We’re brave. They aren’t. But I’m so disappointed. I was like @OracleSage. Part of me thought we’d join them.


They’re stealing a magic artifact to keep and study for their own purpose right now. Same coin, different side.

Maybe they have a longer term view and think they are focusing on bigger mysteries. Maybe they should have asked first.

They want to hide and only come out and fight if we fail? Then either all help us together or get back under your rock and out of our way.


Yes to all of this @Robert. I could cry. Sorry, that’s ridiculous. But I thought we’d meet more like us at the top of this climb, if we made it.


Im sure we will meet more like us. We arent done yet.


I’m with what everyone has said above. I’m extremely disappointed in the houses, all of them really. It doesn’t matter what guild one is from, it’s important to value life, and while I understand MM thinks they are working for everyone’s long-term interests, I don’t think they are. For me, the ends never justify the means.

I don’t know about everyone else, but now I’m even more pumped for Saturday. We’ve got more people in our way, now, but that shouldn’t stop us from trying to open the Book. Let’s go, Mounties!


I just don’t get it… The Council was willing to risk everything for the Book. They suffered so much, were nearly destroyed in protecting the Book of Briars. And Monarch’s Mountain is just willing to let their sacrifice be in vain? What is it we’ve been fighting for, all this time?

The Book of Briars… It’s powerful. It’s a story that’s been wishing to be told for so long, ages of waiting for someone to open it up and reveal its truth. There’s strength in that. I think that the Monarchs are underestimating that power. The Little Red House should be protected if it can be…but I think it’s better for us to plan a way to protect both rather than throw the BoB under the bus. I won’t abandon it, it’s important too.


I won’t say I expected this, but…I can’t say I’m surprised, either.
To be honest, though, I’m almost glad? All of Steve’s helpful (unusual for Steve) posts about Monarch’s Mountain have been intriguing, but even if the Woolies had been entirely wiped out, the result would have been similar. I’m grateful for what came before us, and everything we have learned because of them. But they’re a relic from the Book of the Wilds, and we’re not. We’re different. Everything they always had and lost is what we’ve longed for but never known, and Ore forsake me if we let their pedantic caution stop us from striking back at the Silver and succeeding in everything we’ve worked toward. Now isn’t the time to worry about plan C-point-three. I hope Deirdre has something good up her sleeve…


You know what’s interesting to me?

The old age was called Book of the Wilds. The current age is the Book of Kings… I wonder if the future could be the Book of Briars? :thinking: They have the same naming scheme, at any rate…

I feel like I need to go into tinfoil zone for a bit. :joy: :tinfoilhat:


I think I found where Mr. Wideawake got his name:

The sooty tern is aka a wideawake.
This is what I’ve resorted to in my frustration.

Cute :eagle:


Thank you. I spent 20 minutes trying to anagram or find synonyms to anagram into a name we would know. This takes a load off.

You know what interests me? I always assumed the Collector was a leader of sorts. From the way he described it, having power but ultimately unable to directly go against the royal houses. Did anyone else feel a parallel to Cagliostro and the Silver? A position of great power chosen in some archaic way ultimately at the mercy of a committee?

And in both cases they worked to thwart their masters as much as they could.


Put a potato in that tinfoil hat theory because I think you might be cooking with fire.

I lost my way there…


That would make a lot of sense, though it always felt like the Cagliostro was more…ancient, I guess? I don’t know, I wasn’t here when we were sorting out Phase 2, but that was just my impression. It wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong. However, my feeling that the Cagliostro is more ancient wouldn’t be the first time related thing that seemed off. For instance, it was once stated that it sometimes took, decades, centuries even, for the Council to collect enough energy to send the BoB to a new group. The timeline of information that we’ve been given hasn’t always lined up, so maybe the Cagliostro and the Collector are older positions that predate the Paths of Wool and Silver.

And with that, I’m going to take my tinfoil hat off for a bit. :tinfoilhat: