New DG Post: Miss Havisham Takes a Tumble

Originally published at: New DG Post: Miss Havisham Takes a Tumble | Basecamp 33
DG posted today and it’s uh… disturbing. Whoever’s been following her finally made contact yesterday, literally.

This lines up with comments that the person known as King Rabbit made on the forum. He hinted that he’s the guy watching DG. And his last claim of finally getting the “thing” that he was promised coincides with DG’s freaky post.

This feels so bad, knowing she’s in trouble, and not being able to warn her.

King Rabbit said he’s gone as of today, so whatever he got I hope he got it and isn’t coming back.

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DG mentioned always carrying her fathers pocket watch with her. I wonder if he took that.

It does feel aweful not being able to help more.


Since the person who left the another line of the poem in the comments of this new post removed the comment, I’ll put it here for convenience sake if people missed it.

"“The second, the Unowl
evinced a brillatent scowl”

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