New DG Post: Knockered

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Oooooookay. Deirdre posted. Not at all what I wanted to read just before trying to go to bed.


Uh oh, I wonder if KS is going after Deirdre too…


Actually, this kinda sounds similar to King Rabbit from one of the earlier fragments. Didn’t he also follow her to another country? The knocking when no one’s there definitely makes it creepier, though.


There’s a sense we need to look at this in two ways.

  1. The knocking means someone is following or pursuing her, either chasing after her, or trying to stop her doing what she’s doing.


  1. She’s about to handle a Japanese artwork steeped in spirits and demons and someone is trying to stop her getting there for her own good.

Either way I’d suggest Dee needs a lot of salt about her person. Salt lines across room doors, etc.
And she needs to be so careful viewing that piece.

I’d wonder if this is a portal/door/trap.

The only reason you knock on a door is to let someone know you’re there. Someone wants her to know about their presence.


Excellent advice @MissEvans. I always have a little baggie of salt in my bag, and regularly place black salt (salt mixed with charcoal) at the four corners of my house. Keeps the nasties away.

Deirdre, if you see this, when you go to your room for the night, (every night, every hotel room) get the useless little bar soap from the bathroom and use it to draw a five pointed star on the floor in front of the door, with one point pointing out, at the door. It will protect your room from any magical malfeasance.

EDIT: @MissEvans, do you mind if I quote your post and mine and post it on Dierdre’s blog so she’ll be sure to see it? She needs all the protection she can get out there.



Any help or advice, any good ideas, share them.

I am very concerned that someone is trying to get her and our attentions. The next question, of course, is why.

Oh, and she’s in Israel: quick cleansing dip in the Dead Sea? Salty as you like…


Well, I’m torn. If the clues only show up when she’s in a particular emotional state. This next clue may require her to be frightened to see it.

In that case, giving her a sense of security may actually slow down her investigation.

But on the “I’m not a complete jerk” hand, yeah, we probably don’t want to scare her more. That’s just mean.


But she wasn’t scared the first time she heard the knocking.


So much of magic is about focus and emotional intensity (emotions are the energy source, we use focus to “concentrate” it into what we’re trying to accomplish). Negative emotions are an easy fall-back because they are instantly reactive (think of a jump-scare, no thought or planning, just reaction). But if Deeds is going to continue on this journey, she’ll have to learn to summon the emotions she wants to, ones that are appropriate for what’s going on, and learn to control and direct them towards her ends. Like Lauren did.

I know, easier said than done, but magic is in her blood, and if she doesn’t learn to control and use it, it WILL be used against her by others who know how. All we can hope to do in the meantime is try our best to keep her safe and hope it all works out okay, y’know?


That makes perfect sense. My only concern was that we allay her fear without addressing the need for it. If she needs to be frightened than she needs to bear in mind how many safety precautions she puts in place.

Her dad went to great lengths to keep her safe. I don’t want to put her into another box. I’d rather vote we keep her informed and let her decide how ‘safe’ she needs to be. But by all means, you are correct, let’s give her the tools and the information and let her get to learning what she can do.