New clue from Book Of Briars!

What joy, what luck, a piece of key
But now there’s two, or maybe three
They’re floating out there, still unfound
One in the dirge, one in the ground

This popped up in my email this morning!


Dirge: a lament for the dead, especially one forming part of a funeral rite.synonyms:elegy, lament, burial hymn, threnody, requiem, funeral march; keen "a lone bagpiper played the woeful dirge"a mournful song, piece of music, or poem.“singers chanted dirges”

Does DG mention anything about her father’s funeral? Anything read, sung, or said there that could be a lead? And/or is something buried with him that could help open a lock? Or is he the “one in the ground?”


Does this sound like a “dirge”?

declaim’d the Plaint of Nhadastra “Lo, the stars shine less intently now

That’s a comment on Deirdre’s last blog post. Someone was talking about it in another topic, too. Is that maybe what the dirge part means? I think we might be looking for two fragments though, with the book poem saying “two and three.”


Or it could just be spam. :blush:


It could be me just wanting to see something there that really isn’t but, yes, that does sound like a dirge to me. But Google doesn’t show me any matches for the text. Hmmm…

I’ve been thinking about it and I believe this is important. I’ve had blogs before that get spam in comments but they tend to show up in several, not just one. And DG has been blogging since the beginning of the year and has plenty of posts to attract spam, and yet this is the only post to have a comment?

Also, most spam is an attempt to get you to visit someone else’s blog or site. This has no exterior link. I think this is something we should follow and the idea of it being part of a dirge is a brilliant place to start.

How to start though, I have no idea. I’ve run the phrase, parts of the phrase, and individual words through an anagram finder and had no luck. I’m so tempted to find a pocket mirror and hold it up to the screen so I can see if it creates an Da’Vinci-esque messages.

Long story short, I think this is important.


Question, do we think the corrupted pages still have clues to offer? I do, but I’d like others’ thoughts.


I think there HAS to be a connection with her father. He’s the one who just dies, so it makes sense the the dirge would be in regards to him. I could be wrong (and if others disagree, please say so!), but it seems perfectly reasonable.


I think dirge does mean the poem the last traveler gave us.

One in the ground huh? It’s possible that references kr hiding a second piece .

I wonder if that mortuary key and the graveyards have anything to do with the piece in the ground.