Nepenthe (Reprised)

To banish worry and sadness from a persons mind.

As some of you may know, Operation Nepenthe is my small claim to fame here. It is a charity, and a spell. To participate we knit guild scarves and handed them out to local homeless, I drove up to NYC to pass them out as that is a known hub of magiq activity. But times have changed, and we have grown. So I say dont just knit, buy food, give smiles, and sure make scarves and blankets if you can. Because Nepenthe is all about taking someone in a dark place to a lighter one, if only for a moment. This is my love letter to Basecamp, this spell, and movement has been the wave that pushed me through this last year, and all the years with you I have to come. I hope newbies won’t be afraid to join in, post pics! Tell us what amazing things youve done! From change to cookies you can really make someone who is strugglings day, and that my friends is magic. Lets breath in this summer solstice with a spell, lets breath in this summer with Nepenthe.
Best wishes, Oracle


Hey Oracle! Have you considered giving Nepenthe a bit of a summer spin, by any chance? For those of us in the northern hemisphere, it’s pretty hot right now, so I wonder if there could be something else we could all make. Maybe we could put together backpacks with nonperishable food and other supplies? Or something to help deal with the warm weather?


There’s a pretty easy method for making sleeping mats for the homeless out of old shopping bags. I could probably link that here if anyone’s interested.


Yes! I think that could be very useful!


Here it is. Good for the environment as well. Less bags being thrown out this way.


Totally love anything Summer! I’m starting to make scarves for my annual go around in NY but I think ill bake cookies and cook meals for the local Philly area!