Mountaineer Recap: The Week of May 14th

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Happy Friday Mounties!

Deirdre finally found the end of the trail her dad left her and she was less than happy with what she discovered.

Aether reached out with a dire message. Kemetic Solutions is hunting him across the Internet.

Martin has been going back and forth with “Whistler” to try and figure out a way to save Aether, keep Whistler safe, and bring down Kemetic Solutions while also rescuing Portencia and Climber. No big deal.

A new experiment is starting up on Monday at KS and Fallon has invited Whistler to supervise security over it.

Finally, a user calling himself Steve has leaked to us another page from the original Monarch’s Mountain pamphlet.

A pretty easy week considering. Though Deirdre quitting is a pretty big blow. After everything we’ve done to get where we are. It’s hard to see her in turmoil, but also hard to see her quit.

Have a great weekend Mounties,