Mountaineer Recap: The Week of March 26th

Originally published at: Mountaineer Recap: The Week of March 26th | Basecamp 33

Happy weekend Mountaineers!

I waited to post until today because there was some Fragment 10 stuff going down on the forum and wanted to post as much up-to-date info as possible. So here goes:

  • Early in the week Marty, our friend and intrepid magic-believing reporter, found the business address for Kemetic Solutions and went there, taking photos of the place. When he checked the pics out later, he found that they'd been corrupted.
  • Marty posted the pics on the forum and we got an email from The Book of Briars, letting us know that a new fragment was in play. It read:
You've been searching far and wide For keys to revolution But something hidden deep inside Will lead to the solution

Another fragment’s reaching out
From the dark that means to bind it
And it might take all that you have
To heed the call and find it

Very LOTR if you ask me, what with the binding and darkness and heeding of calls. Cool by me. Totally into fellowshipping, etc.

  • Mounties starting looking into the glitched pictures, finding clues like weird initials, symbols and navigational directions, which lead them here.
  • Leigha realized the word "ZIP" was hidden in the first image and Revenir figured out that the image was a zip folder hidden inside a gif. The zip folder had a text file called "patience" and the file just said "63 minutes."
  • Mounties set timers and watched the Kemetic Solutions site. Sure enough, sixty-three minutes later the site redirected to what the site calls an "internal promotion" video.
  • There didn't seem to be anything hidden in the video and Mounties didn't know what to do next.
  • Until a new user on the forum called "xxxxaetherxxxx" started editing posts from five Mounties. Aether added dates to posts, dates that matched up with posts Mounties made in the past.
  • Those posts all had numbers, or words having to do with time in them... "Monday, 3rd, five, thirty, and pm" (and "none" witch some thought might mean "zero".)
  • So Mounties are in a holding pattern now, unsure if they've missed anything or if they should watch the Kemetic Solutions site at 5:30pm tomorrow.
Meanwhile, Deirdre posted from Istanbul on Instagram with the caption "Ebenguard." Does that means she's found her guild?!

I know one thing… she signed up at the Magiq Guide and is now following these recaps. Pretty cool, huh?!

Hey Deeds!