Minecraft is LIVE!

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Big news! The Ackerly Green Minecraft server is officially live as of TODAY! 

After letting our leaders play-test it over the past couple of weeks so we could work out all the kinks, we are so excited to officially open it up to all Trust Level 3 members of our community!

In our previous blog post, we explained that limiting the server to those with Trust Level 3 status will ensure that all players carry the communal, cooperative, and kind vibe of the forum over to the Minecraft server, and treat it with as much as respect as you would our narratives here.

That said, we know how difficult it is to reach and maintain Trust Level 3 status, so we’ve lowered some of the requirements so that more people can gain access and play together more quickly. We do this leveling so that those of you who are interested enough in this community to strive for that goal are doing so with the intention of contributing to the community in a fun and meaningful way on Minecraft and Discord just as much as you do here on the forum.

Now for the fun stuff: the server is set in Neithernor, and includes a guild house for each of the six guilds and an all-guild hall for you to discover, explore, and help rebuild. From there, it’s totally up to you where you go and what you do! To start off, you’ll be given a kit with basic supplies to get you started, and clues at the all-guild hall will help you on your journey to your individual guild halls!

As with any other server, we also have a set of rules which you can find in the Minecraft channel category on Discord, which are similar in effect to the ones we abide by here on the forum: be respectful of other people and their creations, play nicely, and have fun. 

We hope that this provides you with as much of a fun escape as it has for us, and we’re so excited to see you all and see what you create in Neithernor! 

How to Begin Once You’re Trust Level 3:

Our server runs the Java edition of Minecraft for Windows, Linux, and Mac computers.

You will need to purchase or already own that version to play in Minecraft Neithernor!

“Bedrock” edition (the version of Minecraft that runs mainly on consoles and mobile devices) isn’t compatible with our server.

Here are a list of system requirements to run Minecraft Java on your PC.

You will also need to have your Discord username (minus the hashtag and numbers following it) and your Minecraft username in your forum Profile by accessing your profile Preferences and then clicking the Profile option and scrolling down. You have to have both usernames in those fields to access the Discord channels and get whitelisted on the Minecraft server. This may not happen immediately but should whitelist within a few hours.


question, which gaming platform is the minecraft on? Is it accessable to Tablet and android phone users? Or is it just for PC? Or a different platform all together?


Unfortunately it’s not the one accessible by handheld devices (I’ve been having to live vicariously through screenshots and anecdotes).


Ugh, I got to wait till the weekend to play on it. :sob:


We had to use Java instead of Bedrock (which is the mobile and console version of Minecraft) because private Bedrock servers aren’t compatible with all devices and “Realms” which are Bedrock’s solution to that problem, only allow 11 uses at a time. :cjheart:

But we are going to be doing some live-streaming so everyone can at least participate by watching and interacting with those who have access.

I have played Minecraft on console only for years so this was a big change for me personally, and it took a lot of debate and research to figure out the right choice, even though it isn’t perfect for everyone. :cjheart:


I haven’t had a chance to take a look yet, but I don’t see a minecraft channel on discord. Is that just me?


CJ set it up last night; it’s all the way at the bottom of the channels. You might need to put your Discord and Minecraft information onto your profile, though. I checked and you currently aren’t on the channel member list, @Robert!


what about for Ps4? Is it compatible for Ps4 users?


All console versions can only connect through the realms method, so unfortunately you cannot join a java server

Edit: didn’t want to doublepost

  • Is there any way to check our progress towards trust level 3 or see a clear set of parameters towards that goal? I’m exceedingly interested in joining the minecraft server but I am only at trust level 2 and the requirements seem rather vague in the posts I’ve seen explaining it.

The trust level system is built into the forum software and purposely doesn’t have a way to check progress simply to avoid “gamifying” of the trust levels. It’s a mix of overall time as a member of the community, days visited within a certain window, and meaningful interactions like reading and replying. I’m sure in your case Vic, it’s simply a matter of visits within a certain window of time as you’re a long-standing member of the community and engage in lots of different and meaningful ways.


That makes a lot of sense, thank you for clarifiying, CJ. :smile::smile:


Of course!

I’ve also updated the initial announcement post above with information to help access Discord and the Minecraft server. :cjheart:


A quick, and exciting update about Minecraft in the Briarverse:

I just found out that crossplay between the two versions of Minecraft, Java (PCs) and Bedrock (PCs, consoles, and mobile devices) is indeed now possible! That means the existing Java-only server could also be accessed by everyone playing Minecraft, no matter what platform you use!

I don’t have a timeline yet for when this will happen (alongside updates to the current server) but I wanted to give you all a heads up that crossplay is coming and I’m so excited to see more faces in the block-built Briarverse!