Memories: The Monarch Papers

I don’t remember what exactly I was doing or where I was when I read the question, but i do remember how i felt.
I remember treading through a now forgotten forum, looking for a new question or world to ponder, when i stumbled upon the question.
Do you remember Ackerly Green’s Guide to Magiq?

It pulled my attention, like all good starts to a story should, and lead me to the rabbit hole. After that first push of the button, I found myself in a world full of new possibilities. The Forum presented itself, and showed to be Ebenguard. We were few at first. I found myself arrive around the time of Fragment 2 or 3 I think. Always trying to catch up, and wishing I could be more help, even from the other end of the country. We solved Assessment 1, and began creating the shapes needed for the Fauna key. I had started a new job, which took a great deal of time from me, but gifted me with the ability to focus on something that captured my attention. The Second assessment was more difficult, I was confused. We all were. It required a leap of faith to truly catch it, and we eventually got it done. We moved along, finding more information about the Myth of Elainnor, and met Kemetic Solutions. We lost Itsuki. The Cosmos Key was unlocked, but at great personal cost to us. We moved forward, working with the mounties of '94 and you. We worked to help them out, learning our history, and the ways our predecessors worked to help us. We fought the Storm, somehow kept our friends safe, and won the day. I was there from the early days. I’ll be there for you til the end. we all will.
So come back to us Book. Please. We need you.