Memories & Paper Cranes

Its been about a year since we lost Itsuki, our original Balimoran. Its been a year without his creative spark, or his sense of wonder. A year without our most intuitive and wise leader, and someone I think we all considered a dear friend.
Thinking about this reminded me just how much it took for us to get where we are, it was hard work and puzzles yes, but also community and comradery. Itsuki always was a calming presence on the forum, wise and kind, and incredibly thoughtful. I remember that nearly two years ago, the campfire was founded. I saw the email in passing, a notification saying that Itsuki had some revelation. It was Itsuki who made this place feel like home, that made me feel as though I could help even when I didn’t have the patience or know how for the fragments. The campfire lit a light I hadn’t seen anywhere before, it sparked belief in me and so many Mountaineers, the light of what I now know is magiq.
I know we are all trying to move on, I imagine no one more so than Itsukies wife and daughter. However, I think its important to honor the Bali that got us here, and helped lead the charge when so many of our leaders were feeling the pressures of a revolution too keenly.
This is the first year since Itsukis death. The first year that the book has been opened and magiq has hopefully been saved. In so many cultures, birds are seen as messengers between the living and the dead. So here’s my challenge to you mounties, should you choose to accept it.
Write Itsuki, let him know we did it. Tell him the stories of the storm, and its fearless slayer. Tell the stories of Neithernor, and all the places we have seen. Tell him of the magiq we’ve cast. Or of dear Endri and her work in Neithernor.

Write these letters, and fold them into paper cranes, so that Itsuki can know that we won. That his mission in life was completed.

“Magiq is nothing more than memory transposed”