Mallecho's Journal

Hey!! I’m Mallecho. This is just going to be a place for me to ramble and… post whatever my my gut tells me to, I suppose. Maybe some creative writing. Who knoooowwwss?? ̶n̶o̶t̶ ̶m̶e̶

Some things about me:

  • I found out about AG very recently, compared to most of you. But I’m glad I at least found it in the first place!
  • I’m a Corrilave-bearing Flinterforge
  • My pronouns are they/them
  • My Myers-Briggs type is ENTP and my enneagram type is 8w7 (side note - if you want elaboration on either of those, or a test you can take for yourself, I am very happy to provide)
  • I just got out of high school (I’m a baby, I know). I am leaning towards majoring in biology. I looove plants, fungi, and arthropods. I wanna learn about em and make a concrete impact on the world through research
  • I’m a little bit of a witch myself. Been practicing for a little over a year now
  • I am most likely neurodivergent in SOME form or fashion…??
  • I’m a HUGE theater kid. For those of you that know musicals, I’ve been Mark in Rent, Bill in Mamma Mia, and Mr. Mushnik in Little Shop of Horrors. Theater is definitely something I want to pursue alongside my main career
  • My hobbies include jewelry making, digital art (as per my pfp), playing guitar and singing, and talking about whatever my hyperfixation happens to be in the moment.

Here’s a couple of critters I met within the past few days. My shadow Balimora self is making an appearance.

This guy was drowning in a plastic dish outside! This fellow is gooorgeous. I’m so glad I was there at the right time and was able to rescue him. He’s a male reddish-brown stag beetle. The females are a lot rounder and have tiny pincers compared to the males. This particular beetle was very non-aggressive, but that’s probably because he was so tired. Usually, they’d assume a “pincers-to-the-air” pose at the slightest threat.

Also, yes, I emptied the plastic dish and turned it over so no water could collect there. The sides were slick, and if an insect got stuck in it, it’s basically a death sentence.

Found this beauty at my local park today. He’s a male common whitetail dragonfly; the females have a brown body. Taking this took so much patience, because if he saw me move even slightly, he’d fly away. Luckily, he stayed in the same area and would cycle through a few spots on the rocks to land on each time I spooked him.
It was interesting to watch his thorax expand and contract. It has something to do with the circulatory system, but in matters of blood vs oxygen, I’m unsure.


I guess this place is turning into a place for bug facts.
I got the sudden question: what were the first known arachnids?
The answer: Trigonotarbida.

Look at them. Dumb little pointy-faced boys. They didn’t even have silk yet.
Since looking this up, I have kinda been hyperfixating on researching ancient insect and plant species and I feel enlightened.
That is all, carry on. :)