Magiqmystical Effects: Possible adaptation and evolution of fauna and flora in Neithernoor

In the world that we live in, there are a rough known 8.7 million species of flora and fauna discovered. That being said, only 7.77 million of this are animals and 298,000 are plants. These already staggering amounts are just tiny portion when you see that there is an estimated 86% to 91% still guessed to be undiscovered. All of these creatures, whether they be fauna or flora, are spread out over 7 continents and 5 oceans living in climates varying from black, freezing depths that would crush a human body to blazing, dry heat for large portions of the day. These plants and animals have adapted to suit their environments almost perfectly, living day to day in the best way possible. For instance, the football fish has a bioluminescent lobe that hangs from the top of their head to help lure in pray while the Fennec fox’s small body and large ears help it to radiate heat. Or take the cactus, whose body is close to being completely hollow to allow it to store water during the dry season. But what about in Neithernoor? How would living in a realm of Magiq alter the physiology of the fauna and flora that live there?

As we have found from Fragment 8, the fauna and flora appear to be a mixture of multiple animals, a mutation if you will, though I prefer the term Chimera.
Please refer to @Revenir’s post linked here for a tad bit more on the animals and plants details, as well as some drawings and paintings on what they look like.
There are 5 known creatures that are only of Neithernorian descent. These are the Brachursis (Crab bear), Galluskulk (Rooster fox), Furomaris (Ferret fish), Tigrantula (Tiger spider), and Caprathron (Goat deer). As of this time there have only been sightings of the tigrantula and furomaris in Neithernoor. The others are pending investigation and possible containment if deemed too dangerous. Please ask your Guild Leader for information concerning the dangers of Neithernoor Two other creatures that records have been found of are the Ichthywara and the Equincourn. Neither have solid leads to what these creatures could be, though there have been some guesses. All of the animals listed are a combination of two known types of animals. My guess is that either through Neithernoor’s environment or a someone’s failed experiment, these creatures have come to be.

From here I would guess it is most likely the environment of Neithernoor that created these creatures. The reason behind this guess is the “Animal Kingdom” in a sense. Most creatures need to have a predator, something to keep their kind down to sustainable levels. I.E., a rabbit eats grass, keeping the grass low. Rabbits breed fast though, so they have many predators; wolves, foxes, eagles, falcons, badgers, etc. All of these listed animals while not having predators themselves are kept down by their own kind. The paths for them grow to adult are some of the most dangerous in the world. Other predators will eat their young, their own kind will even join in if the young one is found to be weak, thus keeping the population down. My reason for explaining this is that it appears that Neithernoor created them to be predators of something, whether it be an animal or plant. There appear to be quite a few rare species found in Neithernoor, like the Fraylily, Siren’s Lace, and Eye of the Moons. Other than the Mountaineers and other magiqal creatures, they wouldn’t have a definite predator to make sure that they kept enivormentaly stable, so by adding a new creature into the equation, Neithernoor would have effectively kept it at bay. That is the reason there are multiple creatures, for each time you add a new one, you have to create a predator for it and/or another creature to create competition with the predator.

Going further than this, we know from what Mr. Wideawake told Diedere, that if you stayed too long in Neithernoor, you would eventually become Neithernorian. Maybe this would account for his strange appearance. Maybe it also has an effect on humans, while slightly mild in effect, it would definitely leave you different than before.