MAGIQ - The Magimystic Origins of Common Idioms/Turns of Phrase

Hello Mountaineers, it’s time for the first instalment in The Campfire Compendium!

I thought it would be fun to kick off the Compendium by exploring ways that magiq can work in language.

Language is such an ordinary part of our lives that we tend to take it for granted. Yet, language doesn’t come out of thin air. It’s possible that humans lived without language for over a hundred thousand years. This means that at some point, somebody decided that language was necessary and used their creativity to bring it into the world. We’re lucky enough to know that creativity is the essence of magiq, and so we know that the creators of language, whether it was just one person or many, must have been pretty spectacular magiq users!
If you think about it, we must still be using this kind of magiq all the time. New words and phrases are created every day.

Take modern idioms, for example. You probably use them all the time, even if you don’t think of them that way. I’ve even used a couple in this post.

Some examples are ‘see the light,’ ‘rain cats and dogs,’ ‘a blessing in disguise,’ ‘blood is thicker than water,’ ‘curiosity killed the cat,’ and ‘knock on wood.’ Usually, we don’t literally mean what these phrases say. We use them to get across a bigger idea. But how were they created? Were they once based on some larger, more magimystical system? Were they charms? Hexes? Ancient spells, or maybe superstitions based in fact?

Let’s try to choose some idiomatic phrases and think about their magical origins!

You can describe the magimystic origin of an idiom or saying, or even write a piece of fiction surrounding it.

Here’s one that I thought of, to give you an idea:

Think of the phrase ‘hear it on the grapevine.’ We usually use it to talk about rumours that come to us after being passed along from person to person, for a long time. Originally, though, there must have been a more literal meaning to the phrase.

Someone perhaps used magiq to learn the truth about something through a grapevine. They might have put it up to their ear. Maybe eating the fruit gave them secret knowledge that they never could have recieved, otherwise.

Or perhaps wine was one of the first potions ever created, allowing the imbiber to expand their knowledge of rumours carried on the wind or through the minds of others.

There are countless others to choose from. Don’t be shy. They can be as short as mine, or far more elaborate. Let’s think of as many as possible of the next couple weeks!


Just want to add that two of the phrases you cited are a little longer than most people think.

“Blood is thicker than water” seems to suggest that familial ties are stronger than friendships. At least that’s how everyone sees it. But the phrase has been skewed. It originally was “The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.” Meaning your commitments, your promises, are stronger than Family.

This references the old way of sealing a contract with blood. Blood was scared, blood was binding. Your blood was an essential fluid to your body and by marking an agreement with blood you gave your strongest promise. Many believed that if you didn’t fulfill the terms of a blood contract that you would die or be cursed in some other manner.

“Curiosity killed the cat.” A simple saying that mothers often use to stop their children from getting into trouble. Don’t mess with things you don’t understand because it could hurt you. But they’re missing the important part.

“Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.” So yes, you can get hurt messing with things you don’t understand but the reward of knowledge and understanding attained by being curious satisfies you, makes it worth it. It’s magimystical connections could stem from work into new fields of spellwork. Nothings more volatile than energies interacting in new ways.


“The Man Behind The Curtain” is a personal favorite, and its origins are obviously from the Wizard of OZ (As far as im aware, Thornmouths or other phrase enthusiasts please correct me if I’m wrong) and I think its context could also be applied to situations like the Cags Cult or the Devoted or the Low as a whole, they all work in shadow… With exceptions of Cags, Deidre, and Constance…


“as the crow flies” perhaps at one point we could see through an animals eyes and this is how we mapped new routes & discovered shortcuts


“Once In A Blue Moon”

I believe this particular idiom stems from, on the surface the rarity of a "Blue Moon’ but also the deeper and possibly less known fact of the relationship between moon cycles and Magiq. Seeing as that the occurrence of the aforementioned “Blue Moon” phrase is normally used to describe abnormal behavior should be somewhat of and indicator of its origins with Magiq. A blue moon is the appearance of a Full Moon in a subdivision of the year, which full moons alone are good juju when we are talking rituals, an additional one is either the third of four full moons in a season or an extra full moon in a month of your common Julian calendar. Also if you are lucky enough to be somewhere where there is an actual “Blue” moon which requires a little something extra of the fire variety :wink: than oh boy is that prime time for casting. As a Thornmouth I can’t imagine anything better than a group casting of TOME KINDLING at the guild house with the power of the blue moon behind the magiq, It is literally something else, cannot wait till next May btw.


As a Thornmouth and with us being a moon house, I am a fan of the moon and references to the beautiful celestial object. Again with the moon and moon cycles being relatively important to magiq and it everflowing current in this place we recognize as our world. Regular people recognize moonlighting as a second job under the light of the moon, which is extremely close to its magical origin due to the fact the houses Balimora and Thornmouth thrive under her rays and that the Ebenguard and Weatherwatch our fans of Sol or Luna. So where it came from was the discussion and practice of a little or a lotta night magiqs.

“To Be Over the Moon”

Over the moon of course is known as an expression of extreme joy. In line with the others it is very similar to the meanin of the lay terms as well and with power and moon. It is simply the equivalent of an overchannel or as a compliment on the outcome of a spell or ritual. In one hand as an exclamation of wow, you casted over either ones ability or expectations. But also can be said in the negative for trying to reach to far or push too hard for a spell you didn’t have the proper faculties to perform

“Cast Beyond the Moon”

An uncommon one to non UK people, I am aware of that. The meaning is to consider unlikely or fantastical possibilities. But as we know the more tradition ingrained and historically ever present and self aware of their heritages including the wickens, druids and pagans also keep the Moon among common tongues. I don’t think the presence of stonehenge and the fact that they are also “Bluestones” and with the the aforementioned Idioms and their relationships that these self aware people were aware of the fantastic abilities. Oh boy If I could time shift to a time to practice any of the thornmouth affinities at Stonehenge with Bluestones during a Blue Moon with the Magi there would be nothing short of life changing at least thats where my Astral thinking tells me.

Oh the moon, She is beautiful and amazing entity.


I think an obvious one would be “it’s in the cards.” While I personally do not use tarot cards as a scrying method, a lot of people do. So the idea that the cards hold your fate screams tarot to me. I’ve also heard this phrase used when people just aren’t sure what their next move should be and they’re kinda overwhelmed and tired of thinking about it. That aspect plays into using tarot cards as a reflection tool.


I don’t intend to steal your thunder @Itsuki but the idiom you chose got my mind going. Personally, when I hear “I heard it through the grapevine” it makes me want to take that literally. Grapevines were/are popular because they allow the production of wine, so imagine if through magiq one was able to extend their senses into plants/nature. That would allow someone to eavesdrop on a conversation literally through a vine, but keep them well away from the people who might spot them.

Might be nice if we could do that with KS right about now …

The potential for this though … using magiq as someone above mentioned, you can extend your consciousness into an animal and have their vision or smell or hearing that would be sinificantly better than a humans. Or you could read a change in the environment through a plant, the cause being something that is as humans may be ignorant to. It would be cool, but account for a very paranoid world, although when I imagine it this would require a specific and expert ability to perform.