Magiq Plants Mundane Names

With Gossmere’s focus on life and nature, I’ve been doing some digging. Looking over clues from the first fragment, I set my sights on finding the Fraylily. I have to admit at first I was frustrated, there are so many types of lilies, which one if any was the famous Fraylily?

After researching the lily family with no luck, I decided to try and recall a Spell that would lead me to the truth. I was guided to ask our familiar, the Unowl for a sign and as I did, a Flower Fairy appeared. She told me she would help me remeber and instructed me to close my eyes. I did as she requested, uncertain what she was going to do, anxiety began to flood my entire being. I felt the trickle of some type of powder as it was sprinkled on my face, sneezing loudly in response, I raised my hand to swipe my face.

I was swiftly instructed not to remove the powder and to focus on what I wanted to know. A scene began to unfold in my mind’s eye, as if I was watching a movie. Dawn was approaching, the first rays of the morning sun peaking out of the horizon. As the dawn gave birth to morning and light illuminated the space, a woman came with a basket and waited, until bright orange lilies bloomed. They seemed to come alive as the light touched them.

She left with her basket filled, yet many lilies remained, their long stems adorned with gorgeous blooms. The day was at a close before I knew it, the familiar crimson and fiery hues of the setting sun filled the sky as dusk prepared to grip the land. With the last rays of daylight disappearing with the setting sun, the beautiful blooms closed up, shriveled and fell off their stems, their life cycle over in a single day.

The vision ended and the fairy gently tapped on my forehead. Opening my eyes, she explained this is how the Fraylily got its name. Prized in magiq, the Fraylily bloomed and died all in a single day. Then it hit me, I had seen this flower before! In my younger years, helping my mother weed her flower bed. To the world, this flower was no longer called a fraylily, it is now known as a daylily. Regarded as an invasive species amd not a true lily, many growers have purged it from their gardens and flower beds. If they only knew the magiq this plant could be used for!


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