Magiq Affirmations

Hey Mounties :yellow_heart:

So, today I wanted to set up a thread for encouragement and affirmations. I’m gonna share with you guys some of the magiq related affirmations I have come up with, and I hope to hear some from all of you! Affirmations and encouragement are psychologically the best way to “rewire” our brains into seeing things in a different light, hopefully in a more positive one! Personally, I look into a mirror when I do my morning affirmations, but everyone is unique and has their own routine. I like to include encouragement and affirmations as a part of my morning routine and has been super helpful especially in the chaos of a highschool school year.

Here are some Magiq Affirmations and Encourgaments for y’all:

  • I am trusting the flow of my own magiq.

  • My heart beats to the sound of a common drum

  • There is adventure and magiq out there, waiting to be discovered.

  • I slay my Storms

  • Embrace Wonder.


These are so lovely, thank you for sharing!! :cjheart:


I don’t really have any “Magiq Affirmations” although I do have “Encourgaments”, although I’ll spare you the less than family friendly ones I’ve picked up from being around Marines :laughing:

Especially when working out or doing something I’m having trouble with I’ll say
(Working out) : ‘You’re being weak, get up.’ ‘You just did 5, that means you can do 5 more’
(School or menial task) : ‘You made it through (blank) you can make it through this.’

Now that I see what I do it’s not all that encouraging but it works for me so i guess its close enough.


Mistakes stoke the Mindflame as much as success.


I love that so much :brain::fire:


“I entrust myself to the natural order”, shortly before doing something absolutely insane, like throwing myself off a bridge strapped to a bungee cord, or jumping out of a plane with a parachute


Love that this thread exists!

Some of the magiq mantras or affirmations I hold dear;

  • I don’t know how I know, but I know, and that’s good enough for me.
  • If there’s a problem, there is also a solution.
  • I can only do what I can do; I can’t make anyone else do anything, but I can ask for help.
  • If I’m right, I’m right; if I’m wrong, I’m wrong; I am responsible for my actions and my inactions alike.
  • Mistakes aren’t failures until I give up.
  • Mistakes mean I tried something new and I’m learning.

These are so incredibly magiqal :yellow_heart:
Thank you so much for sharing with us :smile:


I 100% screamed “NATURAL ORDER!!!” When i found myself falling from the sky strapped to a chair on a fair ride. Mostly out of sheer terror and because i couldnt think of anything beyond how dead i was if i fell off. There was a lot of screaming, too.


It’s only sorta magiq buuut

  • “You never have to relive yesterday.”

  • Creation is a process. Sometimes you keep every idea. Sometimes, you scrap the all but one thing. (Written in my journals, sketchbooks, drafting, writing, etc. )

  • “I’ve already been banned from microwave science. What’s the worst that could happen?” (This is said frequently)

I love ‘natural order’ omg


I’ve always liked things to the effect of “what’s done is done but I can change what comes next” and just recently I’ve been using a deep breath in and on the exhale “let that s*** go”.