Magimystical Research and Development Lab

Why, ah, hello there, you.

No, no, I was expecting your visit, I just… ah… where is my dayplanner? Anyway.


Welcome to the Flintmo - you stop that! STEVEN.

Welcome to the Flintmoramaw Magimystical Research and Development Laboratory. This is a multi-Guild Mountaineer research facility, where we undergo 24-hour testing and study in various magimystical fields and specialties. Typically, we are organized as such:

Balimorans study the nature of Magiq, and Magiq in Nature, in addition to the effects of Chaos on Magiqal energies. They use an advanced system to locate and track various sources of natural magiqal energy. It’s still in testing, so of course, it’s not perfect. But we’re getting there. We’re getting there.

Thornmouth tends toward research of the more academic and historical bend, although they have a few strong projects currently running about modern magimystical ability. We have yet to break into the fields of magimystical heredity, but… The science just isn’t quite there. We are closer every day, however.

Flinterforge - yes, Flinterforge is currently involved in some extremely exciting developments in Magiqal technology, as well as assisting in the advancement of Basecamp 33’s cyber assets, and our online presence.

We - yes, I didn’t mention I’m Flinterforge? Well, you can tell what Guild each staff member belongs to, as many of them wear a Guild Pin on their lapel. This is an all-volunteer staff, doing what they love. We’re all quite proud to represent our Guild in this facility. It does cause, at times, some… er-tension.

There are Polyguilds aplenty, as well. They have a very, very special place in the lab, tying together various projects and bringing some truly fascinating skills to the table.

Well. I think you’re ready for the official tour. Let’s dive right in, shall we? I–STEVEN.

Excuse me. I do apologize. I just have to attend to a small issue in the ahem Balimoran sector.

You can show yourself around, can’t you?

Welcome to Flintmoramaw

Welcome to the laboratory, Mountaineers.


Hello, Mountaineers! I’m not strictly a lab staff member, but I just wanted to fill you in since your guide got a little distracted.

This thread is a place for you to post your art and written works about what research the Mountaineers are conducting in the joint Flinterforge-Balimoran-Thornmouth R&D lab. It’s a totally open floor, where the world is as big as your imagination. That’s how Magiq works, you know.

I am super looking forward to seeing what you guys do during your time here! I’ll be in and out, as I’m often out gathering research material for the Thornmouths who don’t really like adventures.

Have fun!!


Oh, I have one for this. I came up with this a while ago but didn’t have anywhere to put it. Thanks, and great idea @Deyavi!

“Ladies and Gentlement! Acoyltes and Adepts! Welcome to the Balimora testing stadium! We’ve got a wonderful achievement to show off, and we’re glad you could all be here to witness it!”

“In these serious times with the storm approaching we need all need to do our best to ensure our safety. To that end we realized it might be necessary to seek out, hunt down and ‘tie up’ those who might seek to do harm. We took inspiration from our recent adventures and decided to bring a bit of the world beyond the veil here through our Bestial Arts. We’ve created two creatures we’re happy to show you all.”

“You see the dummy hanging from the rafters over there? That’s our volunteer. If this works, then that dummy will be caught and rendered harmless, hopefully nonviolently - but that’s why we’re using the dummy at this stage. One day we’ll move on to live trials, but for now turn your attention to the sky and prepare to be amazed! Without further delay, House Balimora is very proud to present what we hope is it’s greatest achivement of the modern age. Please do not be alarmed or be afraid. RELEASE THE TIGRANTULAS!!!”

In a part of the stadium previously shrouded in shadows a large iron portcullis raises into the ceiling straining on massive chains. From the darkness a form leaps into the arena. Part feline, part arachnid, it’s powerful legs lands in the light. Multifacetted eyes scan the arena and then it sits back on it’s haunches and begins spinning something,

“Ah yes, it’s preparing something. Possibly a net? A lasso? It’s…it’s a ball of silk. And now it’s batting it around chasing it. This…this is… odd. And weren’t there two of them?”

Also, it becomes apparent their size is not a trick of perspective. It seems to be a about as small as an average size rabbit.

Looking back through the iron gate, the other Tigrantula can be seen, sleeping. Upon trying to wake it it looks and stares and Robert with a mix of ‘go away’, indifference, and ‘please go die in a fire’ that only a cat can give.

“Alright. We seem to have some technical difficulties everyone. Thank you for coming. We’ll meet here again…once we get this sorted out.”

Somewhat defeated, Robert walks out of the stadium, down a corridor, two flights of stairs and another hallway to a massive door labelled “Balimora Bestial Arts R&D”.

Heading inside, the workshops are a buzz of activity. A team of researches pour over old manuscripts. Three acolytes seem to be trying to train a pair of small dogs in basic magiq tricks. A large tank sits off to the far right where a Balimoran has their head submerged attempted to talk to the dolphins inside. By the door, a watermelon sits in a vice…no one has ever explained why.

Thump A loud dull noise is heard the back of the labs, but no one seems to pay attention to it so Robert doesn’t worry about it. Walking up reception desk, he’s greeted with a big smile by the receptionist/librarian. “Good Magiqal afternoon! How can I help you?”

“Yes, I’m wondering who’s been working on the Tigrantula project?”

“Oh let me look that up, one moment.” Thud

“please don’t say Steve. please don’t say Steve.”

“Looks like that’s Steve.”

“fffffuuuuuu…okay then. Thank you. Is he still in the back?”

“Last I checked. He likes to move his desk around the lab.”

Heading toward the labs near the back the thudding noise seems to get a bit louder, but it’s hard to tell. Arriving at Steve’s desk he’s tinkering with an alarm clock, a fish tank, and what appears to be a pet rock. Behind him there’s a large sheet obscuring half the lab.

“I’m here to talk about the Tigrantulas, Steve.”

“Oh yes, aren’t they darling?!”

“I suppose. Can you help me understand what I just saw?”

“Love to.”

“Wonderful. Now the intent was to merge the essences of a tiger and a giant spider into a single form, yes?”


“And did we?” thud


“Mostly…good we’re getting somewhere. Did we actually use a tiger?”

"Of course not! They’re endangered! "

“You know, that’s a valid point I have to give you. So you used something else?”


“A leopard?”

“Also endangered.”

“A panther”


“A Lion?”

“Yes” thud


“Well no. We wanted to but no one volunteered to go get one. We sent a couple animal control board officers for one last week. Haven’t heard back from them yet.”

“Okay. A lynx?”

“Too silly looking” thud

“A jaguar?”

“Couldn’t catch one.”

“An ocelot?”

“No one knows what those are.”

“Alright. I’m going to ask you what we used for our mighty hunter seeker creations and the next words out of your mouth better not be ‘we used housecats’”.

“We used housecats.”

“Dammit Steve! This is why no one takes us seriously!”

"It’s great isn’t it?

“No. No it’s not. We were trying to create two fierce guardians to track down and catch our foes and you gave us…those.”

“Snowball and Mister Mittens”

“I’m sorry”

“Their names. Snowball and Mister Mittens.”

“Why on earth would you call them Snowball and Mister Mittens?”

“Well you see one of them has these cute little white paws.”

“Yes! Yes I see!” Thud “And will you please tell me what that damn thudding noise is?!”

“Oh that! That’s our next achivement!” thud

“What is it? No wait, I don’t want to know.”

“Too late! Those are the eleraffes we’ve been working on.” thud

“Ele…raffes. Oh dear creator no.”

“Yes. They’re almost perfect. We just have an issue with a a head that large being on a neck that long” thud “Just a bit top heavy you understand. Do you want to see them?”

“NO! …I mean, No thank you. I must be going. I’m just going to leave. And once I get out I’m going to ask security to swing by and brick up the door to these labs so no one can ever leave. Please don’t take that personally, Steve.”

“Never do.”

sighing, Robert returns to the guild halls a little wiser…a little sadder…and decides it’s a prefect time to go back to bed.


Okay guys, to get the labs up and running, I’ve set up a collaborative folder that will be filled with resources to help everyone format their proposals and reports. Each branch (Balimora, Thornmouth, Flinterforge) has its own formatting, so try not to get too confused :stuck_out_tongue:.

The link to view is here.

Note: As of right now, formats are not complete. Bear with me, Steve keeps replacing my work with photos of Mister Mittens.


A good-looking​, early middle age man smartly dressed in a crisp white dress shirt, navy slacks and seersucker tie pauses while walking down the street past the unmarked Research Lab. Looking up and down the street, he walks up and raps on the front door. After waiting a perfectly respectable amount of time with no answer at the door, he walks a little ways down the sidewalk and tries to peer in the window. The reflective surface of the one-way glass only shows him his own look of mild consternation.

He shrugs and heads northwest through the city streets, back up to the Gosspital to start his workday.


Inside the lab, chaos continue. An increasingly worried Balimoran mountaineer saw the man peering through the window and watched him leave
“Ahh ffs!”
She managed to free one arm from the large writhing plant that had by now filled the room, and wrapped itself around almost every other part of her body. “There, there. Calm down you big monster, you” she said in the calmest voice she could manage while stroking the bit of the Triffid that she could reach.
Out of the corner of her eye she suddenly saw Snowball stalking up one of the plants huge tentacles, and getting ready to pounce at one of the smaller flowers as it shook and trembled.
It was going to be a long day.


A petite Thornmouth uncurls herself from where she was studying under a table. Fed up with the chaos, she grabbed the nearest tigrantula by the scruff of the neck, and started calling out for someone to find a cage for “the thing”.
Alas, the Balimorans were all preoccupied with thier own disasters, and after a few minutes of awkwardly carrying the bizarre cat, she gave up and resumed reading under the table, with the tigrantula falling asleep on her lap.


Sorry to interrupt this beauty, but the formats are up, such as they are. Any branch representatives that have ideas for revisions or additions (Steve not included) can PM me with 'em.

Again, link is here.

EDIT: Sorry for the link mix-up. I’m definitely blaming it on Steve. It should be good now though.


As smoke billowed out of the Balimoran research wing, a researcher moved out of the door. Hair frazzled and lightly smoking, the researcher took stock of himself, patting out the sparks on his lab coat.
Looking around, the researcher looked in his pockets frantically making sure the tiny (idk, are there dragons or fairies in TMP? I feel like tigerantulas are used alot.) was still alive. Seeing it move, the unnamed researcher pulled out his journal and wrote down the notes for this experiment.


We have definitely heard fae being mentioned in Sullivan’s notes and from kingrabbit. Dragons no real mention…but there’s no reason against them.




A young boy walked into the lab, a nervous smile on his lips. He wore a crown of sirens lace and a large pink scarf, a Gossmere, for sure a Gossmere. Seeing the chaos before him he dropped the bag of Chinese food on a nearby table a disappeared back out the front door, nothing but the hinges squeak marked his exit.


The Flitnerforge Sector of the Development Labs remained remarkably quite. Perhaps there was some forge-themed holiday that the other guilds didn’t know about. Maybe all the researchers and employees were playing board games in the break room again. Either way, it’s halls would once more be filled…eventually. But for now all that remained was the productive sounds of silence.


A sudden rumble echoes throughout the building. If you were to follow the sound to the source, you would see a massive storm of paper, pencils, and Thornmouths all trying to get away. At the center of the storm is a huge shiny machine. It has a lot of pipes, valve and looks like that time when Steve tried to fix the sink. Looking out of place, a small coffee cup is in the middle. A status gauge nearby says Brewing: 03%...


Unknown to the Thornmouths, the Balimoran’s were hiding behind a set of doors disguised as part of the wall. Waiting for there moment to strike for the wonderful liquid being brewed by the machine.


And in normal circumstances, no one would have noticed the snapping sound from the top floor.

Maybe it was a mistake to use industrial elastic bands to hold magnetic constellations in relative positions on the work room room ceiling…

Someone pass me the roll of tape please.


The tape director is out sick today. He has the keys to the tape vault. He’s been taking them home since the last Steve incident. Though he should have started taking them home 6 incidents ago.


Might I suggest using Tigrantula thread to fix it until the tape whoever gets back? There’s definitely no shortage of this stuff.


Proposal Number: 0002-B

Researcher: Kingsington

Proposal: Brothers and sisters! Look at the injustice around you! For far too long, our poor potted plants have been consigned to their terracotta-or-ceramic-or-other-pot-material domains! We… I mean, I propose to attempt to create plants that can walk around and enjoy life to the fullest.

Application: It’s really just cruel how we’ve been forcing them to stand in one place, day in and day out. Some of them probably want to party! Or something. I don’t know if they really need to walk around, but come on, how cool is that? We could invite the Flints and Thornies over to our part of the lab and be like “yeah it’s pretty boring here but OH WAIT IS THAT A WALKING PLANT!? Holy cow, that’s pretty awesome how we totally made that! How many walking plants do you have over at your section? Zero, right? So we’re better!” I mean, that’s just one of the possible exchanges that could occur as a result of these things. They’d be a real conversation starter.

Potential impact: If we seriously created plants capable of locomotion, I would be impacted by having a new leafy friend. I’m not seeing any downsides here.

Method: Not really sure how we’re going to do it. I’m assuming we’d start with a regular plant and then try to meld it somehow with a living thing. I’m thinking macaque because those little guys have a history with lab settings. Inevitably failing that, we could try to use this Uproot magiq that I’ve been reading about to turn my bamboo into an Ent or something. I mean, that sounds so BA it has to work, right?

Additional: If we turn my bamboo into an Ent its name is going to be Shootman.


Supplementary proposal:

I have no doubt at all that the Ballimoran ideas will succeed. Good luck and well played, in light to the inevitability of walking Flora, I would like to propose containment and observation facilities for them.

Flinterforge would be happy to suggest the development of oxygen sensing remote cameras to track the begonias, should the need arise.

(hides the whirring noise coming from her jacket pocket)