Magi Throughout History

Tin foil hat time!
I think we have discussed this breifly but I’d like to go back to it for a hot sec.
magiq has been around for a currently unkown amount of time, but if what we have found is true than it’s likely as old as creativity itself! That being said I started wondering if diffrent myths and legends where in fact just ancient magi

Examples include

Orpheus, who sang his way through the underworld! I don’t know about you but that sounds like a wickedly talented Goss to me!

Aristotle, a man who seemed so in touch with the human mind, body, and soul that he achieved a almost godlike status in our history books. He was incredibly aware and educated for the time period and kinda reminds me of Thornmouth.

Alexander The Great, an obvious Weathewatch, he congured most of the world in one of the shortest reigns known to the region.

I sound crazy, and probably am. If anyone has any ideas I’d love to hear 'em!


Leonardo DaVinci, an avid scholar and inventor, would most likely be either a Thornmouth or Flinterforge, because of his intense studies into the world, as well as his knack for creating various inventions.

Ferdinand Magellan was the first man to circumnavigate the earth, and would probably have needed to get a little help from the Weatherwatch magiqs if he wanted to have lasted that long!

Merlin, the court wizard and sometimes advisor for King Arthur of Camelot, would’ve probably had to have been an Ebenguard, because of the balance that he had to help bring to the world through the raising up of a new king, as well as keeping him in power.

Julius Caesar, who destroyed the Roman Republic and founded the Roman Empire in order to strengthen and save it, would’ve very much been a Balimora if I ever saw one.

Those are all I got so far!


Great finds Keegan!


Harriet Tubman, a kind, thoughtful soul who put her own freedom at risk to save others oppressed by slaveowners. Her compassion was that of a Gossmere, her bravery and navigational skills suggest a Weatherwatcher background, and her acute sense of right and wrong bring Ebenguard to mind.