Lexington’s Journal

  • Basic stats: Lunivox Thornmouth, he/him, Libra Sun, Libra Moon, Taurus Ascendant, definitely Ravenclaw, Witch, attorney, and writer. Probably one of the older folks on here. My significator is always the King of Swords.
  • The Quarters I created began something of an in-world journal … but it’s not that different from my own ideas. Those posts have let me think about some of the more philosophical things that the Briarverse has inspired in me.
  • I’m largely a wordnerd. I speak French and Italian pretty well, Russian and Spanish well enough to get through some grocery stores, and can read Latin, Attic Greek, and Ancient Hebrew with a lexicon nearby. I’m well into Japanese and Arabic on Duolingo, and don’t even ask how many different modules I’ve started.
  • Religion and magic are very important to me. I earned a doctorate in ethics from a divinity school before going to law school (yes, the irony was appreciated by some, and not by others), and studied religion in college. I try to tangle with magic in whatever way I can, whether as “spooky action at a distance” or sleight-of-hand—because I don’t see much of a difference.
  • I am also a writer (Lexington is one of my favorite characters, and almost always a “self-insert” in my writing (well, most of my characters are, to some extent, but him more than most)(I also love nested parentheses)). I can say that I’ve written three novels (one once, one one-and-a-half times, and one two-and-a-half times), and they all need a damn lot more work. :joy: I usually write urban fantasy with elements of romance (and sometimes erotica), but my current WIP (the “once” above) is science fantasy with a sprinkle of time travel. It could pretty much all be classified as “LGBT fiction” because, well, it is. #OwnVoices
  • I grew up in New Mexico, and have lived significant amounts of time in Chicago, Boston, and now Northern Virginia near Washington, D.C.
  • Enchanted cities I love to visit: Santa Fe, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Venice, Washington (yes, really), Chicago, New York, Rome, Acoma Pueblo, Verona, Lucca.
  • Enchanted cities I want to visit: Kyoto, Varanasi, Nara, Athens.
  • Not too many fandoms except Chess. But what I lack in numbers I make up for in other ways. I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine.
  • No question refused. I’m largely an open book.

This is a beginning. I’m sure there will be edits and follow-up posts. See you out there!


I love that you’re in the Chess fandom. My brain is singing “The Arbiter,” now.


Usually people have never heard of it (“oh, I didn’t know ‘One Night in Bangkok’ was from that”) or are in the fandom (“except for the Broadway version, which we can all agree didn’t happen”). It’s weirdly, uh, black and white.


You’re not the only divinity-student-turn-law I know. Something about the need to interpret vague texts with weird jargon while rolling a boulder up a mountain.


Heh! You forgot the part about dancing on the head of a needle! (Not just for angels anymore …)


Okay, my man! What are your top tips for learning languages. Especially quickly? I’m going to Mexico City for my brothers wedding and I want to be competent(!) not uhh… competent?
Religion is also very important to me! I’m a fifth generation daughter of a preacher, who ended up going to an AoG church and hating it so thoroughly that by the time I left uni I was a polytheistic pagan. Had some really wild deeply profound experiences while Christian though! My step-dad is also hindu and I live in a community were Islam is about as popular as christianity, so I have this really incredible diverse religous environment going on. What have your experiences been?
How is New Orleans? It’s the only place in the states I’ve ever had a real draw to go to?
Have a lovely day :two_hearts: :revolving_hearts: :two_hearts:


Honestly, Duolingo ain’t half bad, and it’s free to power through. I would supplement that with some sort of phrase book for reference, though, and/or something you can listen to (because dealing with a language being spoken at you is manifestly different from dealing with it on the page/screen). How quickly you can get to competent! from competent? also depends on your background: Spanish will be easy to pick up fast if you have any background in French, Italian, or Latin.

New Orleans is fascinating. It is one of the least American major cities—it feels French, while still being very much its own thing. Go on an empty stomach: the food is astonishingly good (and the drinks, if you imbibe). Do be ready for a bias toward partying there—in general, if you are out in public, it is assumed you are at least amenable to having a good time. (It is not an introverted city.) New Orleans has, I think, a very unique and special relationship with its shadows: Death is a friend they dance with in the alley behind the jazz club where the music leaks out. Spirits of all sorts are all over the place, many of them tricksters. You can get a great flavor of it from the book The City of Lost Fortunes by Bryan Camp (which he literally wrote most of in a car fleeing Hurricane Katrina).

Go for your birthday (if you are an introvert, steel yourself and/or only do this with friends around). A local tradition is to pin a dollar on your shirt on your birthday. As you walk down the street, random people will come up to you, pin more money on your shirt, and probably offer a kiss (which you can redirect your cheek). If you are young and female-presenting, you will probably make enough to buy a round or two. I was neither when I went for my 40th birthday and I still made about $20 (plus a vodou doll given to me by a shop owner).

To give you a sense of what the people are like, I went with a lot of good friends for my 40th birthday. There was a drag bar just down the street from where we were staying, and we, um, do enjoy having a good time at a bar. So we went a few times. On the night of my birthday, we had a dinner planned at a restaurant. Partway through, one of my friends got a call from the bar telling us to drop by later on because they got me a cake and wanted to celebrate. These are people who had known me for two days, maybe three. So we stopped by after a humongous dinner, had a second dessert, and shared a good time with a bridal shower.

New Orleans is an amazing city. Far from perfect, but unlike anyplace else.


I would also add that it’s totally possible to have a good time there if you’re not much of a party-er or are less extroverted. I went with my mom in 2019 and she insisted that we go look at Bourbon St so I could check it off my bucket list, but we didn’t linger and there was plenty else to do. We did a walking street art tour during the day that really celebrated the local art community, plus there’s tons of historic things to learn about (cemetery tours, some more self-guided tours we found). Not being a party person to that extent also doesn’t limit your nightlife options. There’s still music to hear and things to see even if you stay off the big, busy streets.


Absolutely. I am not a party person, and I don’t find Bourbon Street all that interesting. (It just smells like puke. Not much of interest.) I much prefer Rue Royale. I honestly think people who aren’t extrovert party-people can enjoy New Orleans more.

But when it comes to random strangers coming up and pinning money to your shirt … forewarned is forearmed.It’s a fun tradition, but don’t jump in without realizing what’s going to happen.


Both of your descriptions of New Orleans were wonderful and on point. I live in Baton Rouge but escape down to New Orleans when I just want to feel the city. Your comment about Death and the cities relationship with it is no joke.

As to all your languages o.o I wanted to start learning more and never committed. I am bowled over by how many you have touched and worked with


I went in to my office for the first time today since March 12, 2020. It was very strange—people still are not back in the large numbers I was used to.

And I found these waiting for me:

I forgot that I had a couple of things shipped to the office right before the pandemic—I never had a chance to pick them up.

It was comforting and strange. I did flash back to those first months when we were all looking for masks and kerchiefs like this. Everything feels kind of alien today.


Wow. I completely understand what you mean. I was just posting in The Social on Discord and thinking back to making it so people who were isolating didn’t feel alone. :cjheart: