Letters to future Mountaineers

So I had a thought whole reading @Sellalellen’s “Letter to Basecamp 33”. Why don’t we each, as current Mountiees, make a letter to give advice to Mountiees in the future?


Well. In that case ill start.

Although ive only been here a short time, I’ve come to appreciate TMP massively. The community is incredible, and the story is compelling. All that ive done as a mounty felt believable, if suspended. My advice? Dont blow this. This is one of the best communities ive seen in an extremely long time, it’d be a helluva shame if people came by and ruined it for everyone.

On a less… Confrontational(?) note, id say probably suspend your belief. Have fun. This world is one that can draw you in in an instant if you let it, and it will leave you with great, fond memories. Let it sweep you off your feet. Revel in this amazing world.


To New and Future Mountiees!

Make a friend. Probably the weirdest thing you’ve heard, but friendship, especially within The Monarch Paper’s is recommend. If you end up giving up on this, you’ll atleast stay for your friend.

Be patient!!! I can’t even stress how patient you should be. Fragments and assessments take time. The more we unlocked, the longer they seem to have gone. There are a few exceptions of course, but be patient please!

Listen to others ideas. Even if they sound bad at the time, keep them in mind. Some end up being incredibly useful later on. Keep in mind though: if someone is recommending self harm, don’t do it.

Use your imagination. Get creative and explore this wonderful world that’s been created for your enjoyment! These’s a ton to explore and learn from it.

Lastly, have fun!
Be kind and respect each other.
And trust in the maqic!


Welcome and good luck!

(For those of you fortunate enough to become inducted into the Flinterforge guild, congratulations on joining the Best guild…literally)


pulls out axe This means war you know! A cake war! :cake:


It almost sounds like a mafia don theatening someone’s kneecaps! :rofl:


“Dontcha dare think about ruining this see? You’ll regret it.”



Future Mounties welcome! This is Basecamp 33, the greatest community ever created! My advice to you is to make friends and have as much fun as possible!