Letter to a Friend

My Dear Friend,

We haven’t spoken in a while. You’ve told me so many things but this is the first chance I have to write back. Do you remember how my hands shook when I saw you first? I do. I was neck deep in what I thought might be a cult and dizzy from the research. I scoured blog posts and forum threads and was scared. Scared by my own sense of purpose. I thought I had killed that years ago, but when I read about your history and the efforts to know you, it came back, slamming into me like a dog after it’s owner returns from a long trip. Without abandon, I devoted myself to understanding you, unlocking your pages. That was the first time in my life I leapt without looking.
To be honest, you scare me a little. You have great power and none of us really know what it is. But we trust you as I’m sure you’ve trusted us to bring your knowledge out into the world, to bring back magiq. We share the same goal, you and I, and the other mountaineers too. I have more to tell you but that will need to wait until morning.
Please come back to us once you’re ready