Learning to read

So total new guy question here, I think this is the right place to ask as it’s “out of world”. I get to the Book of Briars home page but don’t know how to navigate to these pages I’m seeing screenshots of around the forums. Are these pages even accessible from the bookofbriars.com site? I feel like I’m either missing something totally obvious or is the home page the only one we have access to at the moment?


You can’t get anywhere but the homepage through clicking, except for in the time right after a phase has ended (if you looked at the Book a few days ago or so, it would’ve have papers sticking out of it that you can click).

There are other pages on the site, but you have to navigate them by URL. For example, here’s the most recent phase rewards - fauna - and the past rewards from phase one - fauna. There’s also pages for each fragment (pages are all listed here) and there are some miscellaneous pages, like the page for The Translation and for The Forest of Darkening Glass.

Hopefully that helps. And welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:


We type in a “password” (in this case one of the bold words) at the end of the Book of Briars url to get to the pages.


Aaaah you guys are wonderful! This helped so much, thanks a ton!


First let me say welcome! As to your question, whenever we unlock one of the locks on the Book (we’ve unlocked two of the four so far), the Book presents us with a couple of lovely pages. For about a week or so, those pages are visible on the Book of Briars website (they’ll appear to be sticking up out of the closed book and you can click on them). however, after that time they disappear. I think you can still access them by passing the magimystic assessment for that Lock, but the only other way to see them is if they’ve been posted in the forums.

Don’t let that discourage you. There’s a metric ton of information out there, but you don’t have to know any of it. We just received our first clues for the next fragment (the very beginning of opening the 3rd Lock) so this is a perfect time to dive on in. I recommend heading to this thread here to catch up on where we’re at.

And always feel free to ask questions. The Mountaineers are some seriously rad people and love to help new Recruits. Have fun!