Lachmann: The Fourth Fragment: Audio

I created this to discuss audio files. Three more files have just been added and all have backward speech. will decipher and post this evening. hopefully this will give us some clues in how best to moveforward since the devoted apparently wont be much help.


Hope you don’t mind, but I went ahead and started.

  • The first one says, " I will wear my heart upon my sleeve, for daws to peck at. I am not what I am." Shakespeare, ‘Othello’, act 1, scene 1, spoken by Iago.
    basically saying “If my outward appearance started reflecting what I really felt, soon enough I’d be wearing my heart on my sleeve for birds to peck at. No, it’s better to hide it. I’m not who I appear to be.”
    Dropbox - Heart on my sleeve.mp3 - Simplify your life

Did I mention that it’s not Brandon speaking these words in the audio? I’m liking the “Devoted” less and less.


Also from Othello

'Tis neither here nor there.

I have heard it said so. O, these men, these men!
Dost thou in conscience think,–tell me, Emilia,–
That there be women do abuse their husbands
In such gross kind?

There be some such, no question. (4.3.55-60)


I know, I just didn’t include the reference because neither here nor there is a common idiom nowadays (because of Shakespeare, of course). The other two kind of needed to be read in context of the play to understand what they meant. Btw, Iago is thought to be the worst of all Shakespeare’s villains (for good reason) and that’s saying something. Senselessly cruel, he genuinely enjoys causing suffering. He is a manipulative liar, and yet everyone in the play trusts him.


Great job, @Leigha! I’m only now able to really dive in and you’ve already done the heavy lifting!

So, each new audio file has a line from Othello. Uh…why? I mean, I love me some Shakespeare, but what does that have to do with any of this? And why Othello? I can see the Emilia line being relevant since it’s what KR used to title is pantheon-forsaken videos. But the others…I’m just not sure. Are the Acts/Scenes/Line numbers important?

“If my outward appearance…” I.i.64-65
“Tis neither…” IV.iii.58
“I kissed thee…” V.ii.357-359

Now, those are the placements in my trusty Riverside Shakespeare that I keep at my desk (doesn’t everyone keep RS at their desks?). But if I look online, the lines are different:


Theses differences or more than a line or two so I’m wondering if there is more than one version of Othello. I think they were called folios (first folio, second, etc.) or maybe quartos but I could be misusing those term. Don’t know, I’m just desperately grasping at straws here.

So here are the line numbers where the phrase begins:


Do these give us anything? God, now that I’m looking at those numbers it seems ridiculous. So if that isn’t important about Othello than what is?

Oh wait, I’m an idiot. Let me look at the stupid RS sitting in my lap…

Ugh… I don’t think this helps us but I’ll type it here anyway in case anyone else can see importance in it. Apparently there is some confusion about when the version of Othello we know today was originally published. A quarto edition was published in 1622 and then again in the First Folio in 1623. A second quarto was published in 1630 but had some changes to the script. Incidentally, Shakespeare died in 1616.

Of course, all that said, the play could not have been written after 1604 since there is a record of the play being performed at court on November 1, 1604 (though, strangely, that record was once thought to be a forgery and has since been authenticated–can’t we trust anything written down any more?). But then there are “verbal echoes of Othello” found in the “bad” quarto of Hamlet in 1603.

So the only thing that I can see that ties Othello to Brandon is November 1, 1604. But he went missing on October 29th so I’m not sure if that’s what we should be looking at.

I’m not sure what’s important here. The lines? The words? The dates? What do you all think?

Wouldn’t it be funny if Othello was part of a once “lost collection.” Maybe that’s why its origins are so cloudy.


How about we all work together on this: Othello - Wikipedia

See if this brings us anything that relates to all this and how it might link to our other threads - polaroids, statues, beards, symbols…


Giuseppe Verdi and librettist Arrigo Boito adapted Shakespeare’s play to Otello, an Italian grand opera in four acts that was first performed at the Teatro alla Scala, Milan on 5 February 1887.

February 5th, 1887.


I’m googling now to see if the other dates relate to other Shakespeare characters. Somebody help me! I feel like we’re close to something!
This is something!


Great find @AlisonB! I’ll get to work on it in a couple minutes, unless you finish it before then ^^;


Go team! Wow you guys are fast. Love it! On my phone so was expecting to get into this after work, but this is awesome.


A quick take on why these three passages from Othello. (am listening to Verdi’s Otello as I write this)
The first passage is form the beginning of the story, spoken by the villain, the antagonist, the man pulling all the strings through the story.
The second passage is between the two biggest victims of the piece, the wives of Iago and Othello, both murdered by their husbands
The third is from the end of the story, spoken by Othello himself after having just murdered Desdemona, as he kills himself.
So we have an extremely simplified recap of the story, The villain in the beginning, saying he is deceptive and feels no remorse for his actions. The wives, one of whom basically saying it’s irrelevant what happens or what they do, their fates are sealed, and Othello’s last words, the deed is done, Kiss goodbye.


Of course! Scimitar and dagger! Damn my Friday afternoon meetings I don’t have time to look at the other symbols and dates.


Note this is not the date of the play being performed, but the date the opera Giuseppe Verdi based it on was first performed.

I found two others.

Falstaff, opera by Giuseppe Verdi first performed on Feb, 09 1893. 20993

Il Trovatore, opera by Giuseppe Verdir first performed on Jan, 19 1853 11953

edit: I can’t find one matching 20872 yet though

Edit 2: The first performance of Aida, by Verdi was December 24, 1871 … I got nothing but that’s really close to 2/08/1972 so I’m going to allow it. Aida is also one of the 4 statues flanking him.


This makes me wonder, is there some kind of connection to Verdi? If all the dates correspond to something they did, there has to be more to him, right?


Yes there is a connection. The statue to him must be the first beacon.


therefore considered the Italian (and European) premiere, held at La Scala, Milan on 8 February 1872, and a performance in which he was heavily involved at every stage, to be its real premiere.


Wow wow wow! You guys are unbelievably amazing. Great work everyone! This now makes sense why the Othello lines were hidden inside music. So if the statue of Verdi is the first Beacon, we’ll need to email that info to The Petulant…her, uh, The Devoted. It might be a good idea to have a single Mountaineer act as liason much the way with CR Sumner.

Or we could ALL email them just to put a twist in their knickers.


I transcribed what I think Brandon’s latest audio message says:

"October 19th 1986

This is working. I knew it would. I can feel it. I knew if I found the right things, the right order, I could make it work. It’s just like Forest of Darkening Glass. I found the path in the book and it unlocked something in my head. I wish I knew who left it there. Now I’m gonna make my own lock. My own door. The game, the story, the riddle and then the questions. Three trials that unlock the last door.

It has to be complicated. It has to have moving parts. That’s how you do it. That’s how you make magic. It’s words. And ideas. It’s all around us. What we think is everyday stuff holds power. You just have to decide how it works, then believe it. You have to put ideas in the space between things, and then those ideas connect everything. That’s what magic is. There is no empty space.

It’s time to move on to the second trial. The story. The one I remember like it was real. It’s just a maze, but you can’t trust your eyes. You have to listen. That’s the key.

I’ll worry about the final riddle later. Maybe something scary. I don’t know…

I know I sound crazy. I can’t tell anyone. Not now. But I’m gonna leave this all behind so other people can follow me. Leave a trail to the truth. It’s not fair to keep it all to myself. But right now, I have to do it on my own.