KitKat's Journal

Hi! I’m quite new, only been a member since start of March 2021! I am a Celestant bearing Weatherwatcher!

I’m KitKat but you can call me Kit, Kat or anything close! In the real world I have actually been called KitKat in the past due to my perfectly acceptable obsession with the chocolate and that I, I assume, am sweet and… Crunchy (?), Contain a lot of biscuit (?)

I am from the UK and am currently studying a primary education degree. Becoming a primary school teacher has been my dream since the age of about 7/8 (21 now) and I begin my teacher training in September!

I am also a Mum-diagnosed Autie (someone with ASD- Autism spectrum disorder and my Mum is an autism specialist) and am currently waiting on a full diagnosis. As part of my Autism, I have special interests which are currently changing around a little bit which has been very interesting to say the least. They’ve moved from cheerleading for example into nail art, I think my DnD special interest is likely to be sticking around for a while which I’m very happy about because I LOVE dungeons and dragons!

I probably do have a load more to talk about but I can’t think of it right now, so may add things in the next few days and will definitely keep this updated :blush:

Feel free to ask me any questions!


D&D is entirely too much fun - what are some of your favorite kinds of characters to play? Also, KitKats are my favorite candy, too!



That is a very tough question! For ages I’d have told you a magic user- my go to was usually a small Wizard (normally would go halfling as my race) although I’ve played a witch in a pathfinder campaign that I also really loved. More recently I’ve been trying to get a feel for different classes and, honestly, I’m struggling with a favourite! My more recent campaigns: I’ve played a goblin rogue/gunslinger; an undead sorcerer leshy (plant person) and I’m currently playing a catfolk champion (the pf2 Paladin). They’ve all been really different (a ranged attacker, a ranged magic user/support and now an up close and personal tank :rofl: with a bit of healing magic) but all very very fun to play! They all have had a bit of magic somewhere though I suppose as I picked arcane trickster for the rogue archetype :sweat_smile:

And good to know there’s other KitKat lovers here! :grin: I honestly could very easily eat waaayyy too many of them!


A couple more bits about me:

Today I’m celebrating as I found out yesterday that I officially can’t get lower than a first in my degree!

I have 2 dogs, Dave who’s a 10 (nearly 11) year old black Labradoodle and Simba who’s a 5 (nearly 6) year old blonde Cockapoo. I got some pretty awesome photos of them recently too :grin:

This is Simba

And this is Dave when he was asking for pets the other night


Dave’s face is so sweet!


Dave’s just sweet in general honeslty c: has been the source of helping friends overcome their fears of bigger dogs for years :rofl:


Yesterday I officially handed in my dissertation! One more module and I’m officially all finished with my degree. Kind of surreal but I’m also really proud of myself especially for working so hard and doing so well when 3/4 of my degree has been online (thanks Covid)




Thank you! :grin:


Life Update!

Uni is finished! England is mostly out of our third lockdown which means I’m back to waitressing! And I found out my placement for teacher training the other day which makes things feel so real!

Currently moving out of my uni house which has been a bit of a faff and my first time cooking food for myself ended me up in A&E cause I accidentally splashed hot oil all over myself. I am fine, just a little blistered! But have decided that yesterday was a cursed day for a number of reasons…

I’m currently working on a new DnD campaign ready for when the current one I’m running finishes. I’m really loving the direction I’ve gone, more futuristic dystopian-ey :grin::grin: