King Rabbit’s Burrow: Summary

Hi all,
I wanted a place to have everything summarized.
(in case something is staring us in the face and we just haven’t seen it yet…forest for the trees kinda thing)
Feel free to add/takeaway/change. Hope this helps when we get all of King Rabbit’s Magic Words.

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Fragment 2 Part A
Magic Word: OBJECTA e. Dv.
Revealed Word: Her
Word in Video: EYE (5:28:35)
Person: Illustrator Helen Wilde did not die in 1966
Relation: Helen Wilde (1919-1966; nee Ashman) was the wife of the painter John Wilde who painted “Work Reconsidered #1” which had “OBJECTA e. Dv.” written on it.

Fragment 2 Part B
Magic Word: Reinhard Hardegen
Revealed Word: eNor
Word in Video: THE (2:34:18)
Person: Messman Valentine Baker did not die in 1942
Relation: Valentine Vincent Baker was on the SS Muskogee that was sunk by Reinhard Hardegen (which was memorialized in the Merchant Marine Memorial at Battery Park, NY).

Fragment 2 Part C
Magic Word: Ming Fay
Revealed Word: The
Word in Video: OF (4:04:57)
Person: Seamstress Lily Wilson did not die in 1901
Relation: {I have no idea how Lily Wilson is related to Ming Fay or to Whitehall Crossing/Staten Island (where Ming’s sculpture was installed in 2004 after a fire on Sept 8, 1991.) I don’t even know who Lily Wilson is. It’s a pretty common name.}

Fragment 2 Part D
Magic Word: Rafael Guastavino
Revealed Word: re
Word in Video: MOONS (4:58:21)
Person: Brandon Lachmann did not die in 1986
Relation: { Work in progress: Rafael Guastavino was the designer of the City Hall subway station on the Lexington Avenue subway line}

Last clue:
???using dates of death for x’s???

The oldest, but only a child, _______ ________ did not die in ____

(7 spaces in first word, 8 in second, 4 in last)

This should lead us to solving Fragment 2 for the Book of Briars.

Fragment 1: fraylily
Fragment 2:
Fragment 3:
Fragment 4:

UPDATE: 09/13/2016 - added information (in bold) for Fragment 2 Part C&D


This is AWESOME! Great compilation here. Liking to keep it easily accessible.