Keys to the Guild Halls

Hello! Everyone’s friendly neighborhood Grim here!

Today’s topic is Keys. As in, what kind of keys do we have for each guild and its associated hall.

I’ve come up with a couple ideas.
and they will be posted…HERE!
the Flinterforge key:
like the point where the ring would go is full of constantly turning gears and the end of the key is 3 sided with ever changing combinations of pins.
each one is subtly different, given that each flint adds to their base key
so the patterns are different, keyed to teh person who tuned the key
like i can see the subtleties in my head for that one.

other thoughts on different keys:
i can see weatherwatch’s keys…kinda.

balimora’s invovles wood of some kind. like a mixed wood inlay.

thorn, goss, and ebbies have more… wrought iron type keys.
thorn’s keys are able to be used on book locks and the locks to the lighthouse.

thornmouth’s Prelim
thorn’ key is a book mark.
like, its tied off at one end, and is used as a ribbon book mark.
with the other end having the lantern of thorn mouth on it.
the key itself changes size depending on the size of the lock.
it can also act as a way of bringing books to you easily.
like you mark you place in one book with the book mark, and can bring the key to you/
or something like that.

please feel free to add details about what you think the key to your guild home would look like.
and feel free to expound on the ones i’ve made!