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While I don’t always feel the most “Weatherwatch-y” in my day-to-day, one thing that feels like a very WW behavior is that I always know the cardinal directions from key places in my life. I usually only internalize this for places I live (for instance, the windows in all of my dorm rooms for my first three years of college faced West, in my childhood bedroom they faced North, and current bedroom faces SW), but once I do, I can continue to use these places as references while I’m in the same general area. This definitely helps me when I make mental maps of my area in my head, but it’s not always applicable when I try and give directions to people who don’t know how to identify cardinal directions easily :sweat_smile:


I do this with the buildings I work in! And aside from the foyers with directions in their names, just as useful to others. :deirdrexd:


Probably more of a Nautilore thing but I seem to always know my way to the nearest body of water in capital cities :man_shrugging: I just know if I walk in this direction ill end up at a river or harbour