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My friend’s headphones broke and he was about to throw them out. I asked if I could have them since they were broken anyway and he agreed.
An hour and a glob of thermoplastic later they’re good as new!

I’m tempted to paint the the repair silver or something. Since it’ll stand out no matter what I do, I might as well make it intentional. And I guess the fact that I just have thermoplastic lying around is pretty Flinter-y too.


Was telling my dad how I’ve been getting re-familiar with this rigid-heddle-ish loom I had as a kid and was really liking it and considering buying a real one…he half-jokingly suggested that I should look at getting a spinning wheel too…not only have I already started learning how to spin my own yarn with a drop spindle, but I also definitely want a spinning wheel and have found instructions and designs for making your own from a bicycle wheel.


Found this on Pinterest and all I imagined was Tink and Viv teaching some big burly Strong Men™️ how to embroider and it was a good mental image.


omgggggg I love it!!!


In the wake of my roommate getting the keys to her new place and moving her sofa (and other big furniture, but specifically the sofa), we’ve brought my futon down to the living room…and it’s become very clear that I sit like a gremlin and I got too used to being able to lean into the couch arms. I don’t really have the space in my new place (or the budget, really) to upgrade my futon to a couch…so I think I’m going to try to build my own arms to attach to this futon??? And while I’m at it, might as well try to make them little bookshelves???

I’ve got plans drafted out for some “industrial chic” tube and board shelves and some rigging to connect them to the futon base and eachother so they can take some leaning…but my dad had an idea based on some shelves he built a long time ago that have held up to quite a bit, so I’m waiting for some pictures and I might re-draft my plans.