Just A Dumb Question

I’ve been on basecamp 33 for a little while now. I just still don’t know where everyone gets all this info like pictures and leads on things. Also have we found the forth fragment yet? I just want to ensure that I’m as caught up as everyone and know what’s going on.


If you are curious about the pictures, we got it from one of the links on the website set up by brandon’s mother.
Also, no we haven’t yet. I thought we were close but it seems like we aren’t even halfway there, at this point.


Not a dumb question at all. You have to do a little back tracking to get to where it all started, but like @TheBellsAreRinging said, we’re now at forestofdarkeningglass.com.

How did we get there? We found the site inside King Rabbit’s burrowinthefray.com (I’m sure you’ll hear us cures KR’s name every now and then). And we found THAT site because of an Instagram feed. Wheels withing wheels it seems.

But anyway, right now The Forest of Darkening Glass is “Home Base” for the fragment we are currently looking for.


Thanks you so much Mike. Guess I know whats going on now.