JOLABOKAFLOD (Book Flood) 2021

Jólabókaflóðið is an Icelandic tradition of gifting books to be opened and enjoyed on the 24th of December, usually with some kind of drink

More information about the tradition and its history can be found here Founding story | Jolabokaflod

As a bookdragon I 100% love my horde of books, but I also love sharing books with others and enjoying what they read, a sentiment I’m sure most of you appreciate too.
So… would anyone else like to join me in a little yule/christmas sharing?

Everyone who would like to take part will receive a book form a person taking part and gift a book to another person taking part.
If you would like to take part in sharing some love please comment and feel free to include; genres you like (or don’t), preferred format (eg audio, physical, digital, language), any goodreads/catalogue links (to help avoid duplication)

The book you gift doesn’t have to be new, it can even be a duplicate from your own shelves if you want. Peoples preferences are only a guide, feel free to send your current favourite if that takes your fancy.

For those who decide to take part, I’ll share a post in late October/early November of Who is sending to who.

Last posting dates as advised by a selection of national postal services. (these deadlines are why the topic is unseasonably early)
UK - Royal Mail
USPS - deadlines not yet announced
Australia Post


Oh I was so hoping this was going to happen again

My main genres are fantasy and cyberpunk but I’ll definitely read other stuff if I find it compelling enough. I tend to read series, but I don’t invest enough time in reading and would honestly be more successful with standalones or an omnibus or something.

I’m also into information security and as an adult type person I feel like I’m supposed to be boring and read nonfiction sometimes

That Goodreads suggestion is a good one and I’ll have to get started on that…eventually.


Just bumping this topic incase anyone else would like to take part.


I’d love to participate, and I’m happy to only give a book(s) if we’re short or have an odd number.


This sounds so cool! I would love to participate!


Last bump for the topic.
Anyone else like to participate?



Remember you don’t have to send a new book, raid a charity shop or send a duplicate from your own shelf if you want.
It also doesn’t have to be perfect for the recipient, the fun part is to share, so feel free to send your favourite or maybe a book your dying to read and use it as an excuse to get yourself a copy too.

@DjangoSolare sends to @CJB
@CJB sends to @Cynical
@Cynical sends to @DjangoSolare

Drop each other a pm to confirm addresses.
Aim to post it so it arrives before Christmas Eve. USPS recommended last post dates can be found here

I look forward to the christmas eve posts sharing what you’re off to read with snuggles and warm drinks.


Thanks so much for making this happen, @Sapphire! I’m excited!