It's a Trap! Chronicles and Trilogies Not Yet Completely Published

cries I fell for it again! I knew better this time but it still hit me like an empty box of tea.

Just finished TMP2 and I have to wait till autumn 2019 for the next book.
The feels! And to leave it where you did, so cruel!

I’ve fallen into this trap with a few series.
Mistborn series, stormlight archives, discovery of witches and kingkiller chronicles to name a few.

In some cases I haven’t realised I’m reading a series/trilogy till I get to the end and the story is unfinished. This usually creates a quandary for me… perhaps you fine lot can help?

The quandary:
You have books 1 + 2 in paperback, book 3 you so desperately want/need releases in a couple months in hardback and paperback a year later.
Do you buy the hardback, you need the conclusion to the story, or do you wait for the paperback, so your collection matches?


Or you wait for years and years and years for book three, until you’re a pile of bones and dust (cough kingkiller chronicles cough)


I suspect he’s going down the GRRM route, we’ll have a TV series before we get ‘The Doors of Stone’.
Having said that Rothfuss has said he’s working on it again(Apr 19) and making slow progress. In my eyes there’s a lot to fit in the final installment so I don’t envy the editing job on that.

Sanderson seems to have taken the Marvel Cinematic route and is very good at keeping readers up to date on progress.

If waiting for the next book is like falling down a well, Sanderson throws you a rope and Rothfuss shouts to tell you he can’t find a rope and he’ll be right back.


Lin-Manuel Miranda is working on a TV series set in Temmerant, but not Kvothe’s story. That’s the last I’d heard.

If that’s the case, then @CJB jumps down with you and tells you amazing, magical stories so that you’re not afraid while you both fall, simultaneously weaving his own beard hair into a rope to save you both.


Grumbles about Pat Walsh

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I can’t unsee this and I need fanart immediately.


If I enjoy a book series enough to purchase it in a physical form I prefer to have them match. So if I can’t match my paperbacks because the next book is a hardcover, I’ll get the ebook. That way I can still experience the story right away and can still wait to make my set all pretty and matching.

I was just pushed into the series well by the Daevabad Trilogy. Kingdom of Copper ended with some real intensity and I have to wait until some time in 2020 now.


I hadn’t thought of the ebook route.
Good suggestion although it does then raise the issue of having an incomplete set on my ebook reader… Humm

When are publishers going to take a leaf from the bluray/dvd business and offer free digital copies with physical purchases?


I haven’t read Kingdom of Copper yet, just finished Brass and it was AMAZING :heart:

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Oh, now that is interesting! I hadn’t thought of that before. That gives me all kinds of authorly ideas.

@Rhavaniel IT WAS SO GOOD!


There was one trilogy I was reading and once I finished the second one I realized the third wasn’t out yet. BUT it was being released in a couple months which was awesome because there were some fans who had waited years already.
It was The Passage trilogy by Justin Cronin for anyone curious.


Cjb is the indiana jones rapunzel of beard hair?


This is something I wondered about five years ago


@Leaves Oh man I haven’t read the third one yet! So gripping, loved the first two. Thanks for reminding me this trilogy existed!


There’s also a television series but I dunno how good it is.

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Say what?! I’ll have to look it up, you never know it might be decent!


@Sapphire I’ve wondered this for some time too!

Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde… fantastic book and worked as a stand alone, until I flipped the last page and it said book 2 and book 3 coming soon… 8 years later still no sign