Information Uncovered - The Wool, The Silver, The Guilds

While looking over some old documents, we uncovered what seems to be another hint to the Neithernor’s ever-mysterious history. The first grouping seems to be an account left behind by a past member of the Wool and details as follows:

It all began in Anne of Brittany’s court in the late 15th century
Wool and Silver, two factions made up of the artists and artisans of which Anne was a patron.
They split because, though they believed in magiq, like their Queen they had different beliefs about magiq and how to find it, what its purpose was, and more.
And it all had to do with the 8th unicorn tapestry. The one her King destroyed when she died.
The 8th tapestry was commonly referred to as The Unicorn’s Gait.
But Gait could also be spelled…



Anne believed there was another world beyond our own that we could access if we only knew how. And both the Wool and Silver believed it too. It’s why they created artifacts from that tapestry. It was holy to them.
So the Wool and The Silver set out to find that Gate, that door to a place that was…
Neither here, nor there.
And it was The Wool who found it first.
And in that place, the world of Neithernor, they found the left behind ruins of a world that once teemed with magiq.
And they found six great halls that lay in ruin.
Six halls with six histories and crests and belief systems and they hobbled together what they could to create their own belief system and history.

The Silver never found the Gate, but they knew the Wool had. And desperate they asked for entrance to Neithernor. Which the Wool granted, but this was after centuries of tension and strife.
So the Silver agreed to set out across the sea to an island where they would have their own magiq kingdom.
And they shaped the world together, in relative peace, for a time.
Until The Silver began building their own special door.
(On the last page there were some scratched out lines, the only legible phrase being “War of Neithrnor”)

The second grouping of pages was much more . . .off-putting.
The pages themselves felt almost heavier in our hands as we read them.
Most of it was illegible, crossed out, torn off, or possibly burned.
But we were able to transcribe a few lines.
The style of them was familiar, uncomfortably so:

Have you ever wished a tragedy upon a loved one so that you could get closer to them? Did you succeed?
Do you believe that the realm of the dead is elsewhere than where you are?
Have you ever spent a day as someone other than yourself? Did you return to your previous self?
Have your hands ever written words on a page against your will? Did you like what they wrote?
Would you give up one of your five senses, in order to gain a sixth one? Have you ever been
offered this opportunity?”

What island are the documents referring to and where exactly is it?
What will we find if we go there?
What could these questions mean and who were they meant for?


Seems like… another test, of sorts. I dont trust it, it seems like something unpleasant might lurk behind it. The island… the western wilds had a shoreline didnt it? Same with thornmouth? Maybe one of us should take an expeditionary crew across the sea.

Totally not suggesting this cause i wanna go do sailor stuff in a magiqal land ala treasure island. Nope. No way.


So. The Wool went along with what they could patch together of the history of the guilds. Do we know if they ever found the Magiq Guide? We know the Silver found it, and Sullivan took it from them … prior to that how did they follow the guild system without such an integral part?
What did the Silver do with it while they had it? They don’t like the guild system so does that mean they tried it at one point?

The Guide itself is from Neithernor and wasn’t meant for the Mundane. So it was created with Magiq prior to the Wool and the Silver. Does that mean whomever or whatever inhabited Neithernor prior to the two paths … were recruiting? Did humans have access to Neithernor prior to this? Or is Neithernor a world between worlds?


The information that intrigues me is the wording along the Woolies finding the six halls, with their own crests, beliefs, etc. I believe we can assume these are our six known guilds, right?

@Ginger - just kind of going off what you said about the guilds and the Silver. Do we know for sure the Silver ever adopted these beliefs and mentalities? Or did they even know of it? The Woolies brought them in long after they discovered these halls, and, the Silver wanted to create their own kingdom on an island away from the existing Kingdom the Woolies found.

I had always assumed that all of Magiq followed this belief in the guilds, but this is giving me pause.


The house of the Silver is pure evil


Not necessarily @Rimor

What about Aisling Green? Was she a monster? A woman who travelled the world looking for the same thing as Sullivan just on a different path?


You are right, Aisling green went looking for the same thing as Sullivan but she was strong enough to resist the silver


That implies that others on the Path of Silver were able to as well.

And we know some on the Path of Wool weren’t exactly pure of heart either …

I’m just saying we can’t write all of them off as entirely evil and a big ol’ hoard of monsters and vagrants. It’s not that simple.


I think we discussed at one point that the Path of Silver that would lead to magiq was not necessarily the same as the organization that created it. I also don’t feel comfortable calling the Silver (the organization) “pure evil,” though.


Yeah, in posts prior to this we kind of made a distinction between the group that created the Storm to be different than the overarching group that has followed the path of the Silver.


The main distinction to me is that the Wool wanted to maintain the existence of magiq publicly in order to preserve it and the Silver wanted to hide it away for a similar purpose. I don’t think either of those two methods of dealing with the fading of magiq are inherently evil. However, there are certainly evil people and methods on both paths.


I’m pretty sure Monarch’s Mountain/The Path of Wool created Neithernor; at least that’s what Mr. Wideawake would have DG (and us) believe:

I asked him what Neithernor really was. How it came to be. He said according to what’s left of the Monarch history (which may not be completely accurate) there was experimentation with wells. They were hoping to find answers about our changed world in them, and sometime in the Book of The Wild someone managed to harvest a piece of the Fray deep within a well, to study, but it began to grow. They were afraid it would take over our world so they tried to send it back, but reaching out to The Fray is unpredictable and dangerous and it wouldn’t accept the piece. They tried to destroy it and thought they had but it actually grew just outside our world, and it eventually became Neithernor. A place where magiq and imagination could be fully realised without limit, without fear of misunderstanding or retribution, but with its own risks and dangers.


Yeah, this idea Monarch’s mountain created neithernor kinda contradicts what we heard. I believe Sullivan’s account more personally. Otherwise what was the Unicorn’s Gait a gate too if not Neithernor?


Who’s to say there weren’t different iterations of the same group, much like ourselves? One creating it, then others re-discovering it over the span of decades/centuries? The two accounts aren’t mutually exclusive.


True, he says ‘They were hoping to find answers…’ ‘they’ could have been the group before the Wool/Silver split. We don’t know. Curse these pronouns!


So, the Silver and Wool are both from our timeline, right? The Book of Kings. They both exist because they’re trying to find answers about Magiq - what’s left of it, why it was removed. But it sounds like Neithernor was created in the Book of the Wild. It survived the erasure of Magiq/the Lost Collection in its own little pocket world, and I think we, as well as the Wool and Silver from our book, have or had access to it.




With this information, I am doing a little research project into all we know on the Path of the Wool, the Path of the Silver, Anne of Brittany, the “current Woolies”, the “current Silver” and all things related. I will hopefully post soon with some theories, and as per the usual, more questions. But hopefully some of these questions can be answered by my findings


So, according to Mr. Wideawake, these wells, these deep places, existed in The Book of The Wild too.

People in The Book of Kings use them to find artifacts and other things from the lost age, and people from the lost age used them to try and access The Fray. Which… is sort of an inbetween place between worlds? Where Brandon went, became Traveler, and joined The Council.

So they’re like tears or weak spots. And things can either slip through, or be pulled through.


Mr. Wideawake is actually using some pretty tricky wording. He could be saying that people have explored wells here to learn more about our changed world, and THEN he also says in The Book of Wild they were doing the same with The Fray and someone in the lost age was digging in a well and accidentally created Neithernor.

Also, this is Deirdre’s recounting of what a bird man told her so there’s that.


I’m still no closer to answering my own questions which are who made Neithernor, when, and when as in which “Book”?