In-World/Out-of-World: PRSFNE

So Mounties, there are going to be some changes to the forum in the next couple weeks, including recreating some of the BC33 elements… like the front page being “in-world” and out-of-world areas like The Cabinet being available through the menus but not the front page.

So what about PRSFNE?
I’m of the mind that it’s in-world and should stay on the front page. After the events leading to the opening of The Book of Briars you mounties have managed to access Neithernor and are mapping it. I can even create a history of the founding of PRSFNE. (will also create a “Recruitment letter” for players that find it down the line, which I’ll share with you too.)

That would just mean that conversations like this one should probably have a home in a Cabinet > PRSFNE process/discussion subcategory.

And since Discord is treated as separate (so DMs, campaigns, etc. don’t ruin the immersion here), your findings, experiences, and discoveries will be treated as if you have all actually gone to Neithernor when it reopens.

Unless of course the majority would rather PRSFNE just be treated as pretend/creative writing and then it would be kept off the front page.

So what do you think?

  • PRSFNE is in-world and we treat it as if it’s real.
  • PRSFNE is out-of-world and we treat it as a creative project.
  • Something else (comment below)

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What do you mean by treat it as it’s real? I think I understand, but I’m not entirely for sure if I do.


That, going forward, we would accept this:

As fact.


And the PRSFNE Project management recruits from established mountaineers.


It would be real in the same sense as TMP was. Like, on the forums, we’d treat it as stuff that’s actually occurred in the MAGIQverse.


Well. That makes me a bit nervous for some reason…