Illumicrate Grisha Box! - Bookish Fandoms

Hey everyone! I posted a lil something on the Discord about the Illumicrate Saint & Stars box (Grishaverse themed, for King of Scars) and got a request to do an unboxing-type post here.

So I guess a little background since I’ve fallen down the well of bookish subscription boxes (blows a lil kiss to OwlCrate). This was a special edition box for this book, so it had Many Things in it, and all of themed were Grishaverse themed (Six of Crows duology, Shadow and Bone trilogy, and lots of Nikolai). The book is a special edition under the dust jacket. If you’ve ordered the box, then scroll at your own spoilery risk…but there shouldn’t be real plot spoilers for any of the books…

So! First up, a full shot of the box contents!

So quick list: an enamel pin set reppin’ Nina, Nikolai, and the Grisha orders; socks; Nikolai plushie and fanart calendar; Zoya quote fan; Nina (I think) quote mug; Genya pouch; candle; Grishaverse ladies bookmarks; exclusive edition of the hardcover book and a book sleeve…and a BLANKET (the photo background)!

Here’s some close-ups of my faves:

And the special book cover:

Everything is really nice quality (the blanket is so soft!!!) The candle smells so interesting. It’s Juniper and Seaweed, so quite different from all the other candles I have…but I love juniper so I’m pretty into it. And the bookmarks are absolutely too pretty to use as bookmarks. The cover of the book is so pretty, and I do appreciate that it’s kinda secret…like, with the dust jacket on it’s just the book but underneath it’s shiny and gold

So…hopefully that allowed some vicarious living for the other Grisha fans here (and hopefully I didn’t post too many pictures for forum storage purposes). Thanks to my parents for ordering me this box for Christmas! I’ve also bought two OwlCrate boxes so far…so going forward if I get any more maybe I can do some more unboxing highlights??


That plushie is so cute, omg :cagshearts:


Thank you so much for posting this, and the photos are beautiful!


I’M OBSESSED thank you so much for sharing!!! Wow what kind of violent espionage does a girl have to plot to get that mug…


So cool! Thanks for sharing Tink!


Woah that’s awesome! (especially the sock hype)


I definitely want more unboxings - these look awesome! Especially that they managed to make it look lush (this gold) without feeling tacky!


Wait can someone confirm that I should read Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom before KoS?

I’m planning on finishing up Ruin and Rising in the next couple of days and want to go straight to Nikolai (obviously :constanceblush:) but I’m getting conflicting reports over whether I should read the duology first??


Read the duology first! King of Scars is also told from the perspective of one of the characters from Six of Crows and there are major spoilers!


oh man so much longer to wait but okay thanks!!!