I think Deirdre is in danger

Folks, I think we have a very serious problem.

Over on the New DG Post thread I had a small conversation with a user named KingRabbit717. If you’ve been following any of the threads, some of you might have noticed that he has posted a single image of a woman with a bag staring at a painting in a gallery in several threads. And if I remember correctly, he gave a caption “look at the butterfly I found” in one thread.

I thought it was odd that someone, out of the blue, posted this picture in several threads. someone who had never posted anything else to the forum. I wasn’t sure what to make of it at the time but was really too eager about finding the next fragment to pay it much attention.

In the New DG Post thread, the photo showed up again and Piki noticed a 33 on the girl’s bag. So that made me think that KingRabbit717 must have been following the forums and just happened to see a 33 on a young woman’s bag and thought we recruits would get a kick out of it. So, just to clarify, I thought I’d ask him just to make sure. This is the conversation:

Mike: KingRabbit717, where did you get this image? I’ve noticed that you’ve posted it in a few of the threads here on the forum, but have made no other posts. Just curious where it came from and how you think it might be relevant to the BoB.

KingRabbit717: I took that photo of her myself.

Mike: oh, okay. Got it. Do you know if the bag she had is a popular brand? Just curious because I know that every time I see a 33 I’m going to start looking for clues and secret messages. It’s going to make football season very interesting, that’s for sure!

KingRabbit717: The original photo of Deirdre didn’t have the 33. (here he posted the original pic without the 33 on the bag)

Mike: Wait…that’s a photo of Deirdre?

KingRabbit717: It is. I’m creating a new collection.

I sat there, staring at the screen for a while thinking, hoping, that it had to be some kind of a joke. But why photoshop a 33 on her bag? To mark her? And we know that the 33 on the Basecamp 33 homepage reverses to create an image of a butterfly. Now look at his name: KingRabbit717. What happens if you reverse the first 7 in 717.

A butterfly.

I am well and truly creeped out here. Are there any Mountaineers or Recruits who can confirm that’s Deirdre in the picture? If it is, I think he’s marked her as a “butterfly” to add to his “collection.” Do we warn her? He could be just some stalker creep having a laugh at our expense, but I don’t think so.

Folks, I think someone, or something, doesn’t want us opening the Book of Briars.


just checked his ip. he’s def. in New York with her. this is nuts. and we haven’t heard from Ascender in over a week.


If I’m dangerous, what does that make @Mike? He’s halfway to my home in the ground and hasn’t told a single soul. Hmm… naughty naughty, Mike. Wanting all the glory for himself. @Johanna, @Piki, @AlisonB, @Bash, @CameronP, @AndyisNowSkynet, how do you feel about the mouse in your midst?


I believe you’re referring to the fact that I found your Instagram account (@KingRabbit717). That I discovered it during the weekend, while fighting a cold, and dealing with, you know, life, is irrelevant. My not sharing that information immediately must have been purely for selfish reasons.

If you’re attempting to create a “Yoko Effect” you’ll have to do better.

To my fellow recruits, I believe KR has just unwittingly given us a clue. I believe he has a secret to one of the fragments. Remember, the Book told us to look for one “in the ground.” And if I’m “halfway to my home in the ground” then this is one rabbit hole we definitely need to explore.

As for his Instagram page, he has to accept you before you can view it (which he did me). He has only one post: the doctored image of Deirdre in the gallery he’s posted here in the forums. We’ll have to see if we can find any other clues on his Instagram page, if he follows anyone else, which images he’s liked, etc. to see if it leads us anywhere.

Who’s up for a rabbit hunt?


Not it. I barely understand how forums work, much less Twitter and Instagram accounts and I’m useless at Photoshop. Will leave this for the tech savy among us. BUT… was thinking last week about contacting DG. It feels weird, voyeuristic, and stalker-y to be following her. discussing her, etc without her knowing. Thoughts?


Bio in his instagram account contains a phrase: “Burrow In The Fray”


@Mike could you please post direct link to the instagram image page, I think we can access it even without follow request.


@KingRabbit717- are you receiving emails from the book, as well? Could you tell us a little about your experience/history with the books. I’m pretty new to all this and still trying to figure out what’s what. Oh, and have you taken the Magiq test? (I believe the link to the book of magiq is somewhere around here.)

I rolled a natural 20 on my diplomacy check, if that makes any difference.


Looks like 717 is another magical number which forms butterfly, it’s present in KingRabbit’s nickname and also July Seventeen is a 7 17


@Johanna, I am a slave to the lie, same as all of you. But whatever force still remains, hidden in the darkest corners of our world, has chosen me. Not to receive the message, but be the message. It is all the justification I need.


Here’s a direct link to the Instagram page. Not much to look at but maybe more clues than we think.


I see that instagram photo has Whitney Museum of American Art location, the same is on some photos in Deirdre instagram account. In addition to that this museum was mentioned in blog post.


whoah. I’m gone for two days- I guess I should start a fragment two category and move this topic there yeah?


Look what I managed to find: http://burrowinthefray.com/


Excellent work @Piki, and down the burrow we all go. Come see my collection, come see.
Join me at the bottom where the fraylilies reach and the roots of things you need are waiting.
It’s sweet and black and warm down here, and all the eyes are watching.


i’ve been watching KingRabbit’s account. tried to figure out where he is, where he’s posting from. after he posted this, his account disappeared. not marked for deletion. just gone. i moved this topic to the new “fragment two” category. all new fragment two topics should go there. I’ll start a new topic for King Rabbit’s Burrow, like i did for The corrupted pages. filling Endri and eaves in now.


Piki you are on fire! This is great! Also should mention for those of you who are looking at this on mobile, this website actually scrolls on computer so look at it that way if you can.

Again, Piki, great find.