HOW TO: Upload a File, Image, or Video

Want to share a picture of something you’re working on, a screenshot of your puzzle-solving to contribute to the Mountie hivemind, even just a or picture of something really cool that others might appreciate?

Here’s how to upload an image (or video)!

There are three ways to upload images on the forum: from your device, from the web, and drag-and-drop.

From Your Device:

Click on the Upload button. On computers, this is at the center of the formatting bar in the post editor. On mobile devices, this is in the bottom right corner, next to the preview button.

Make sure “From my device” is selected, and click on the “Choose Files” button

Select the file(s) you wish to share. Note: there is a file size limit of 24MB. If you run into this, you can either share a link to the photo or video uploaded to another location or compress or edit the file to fit the requirements.

Once you have uploaded the file (it may take a few minutes depending on file size and internet connection), you also have the option to shrink how large it shows up on the thread as people scroll through.

If it is landscape-oriented (or just very large pixel-wise), shrinking the initial viewing to 50% or 75% can make it easier to see the whole picture as they scroll through (especially on small screens), rather than possibly missing something important in the bottom or right sides of the image. These options are in the post preview view.

This particular one fits well…

but here is what it looks like at 50%.

Everyone can also click on the image to make it bigger/see the full picture if some of the edges are out of view due to size.

From The Web:

Make sure “From the web” is selected, and type or copy/paste the link to the picture you want to share into the text box.

Unlike sharing an image from your device, ones shared from the web show up at a set size. You can still click on them once they are posted to view them larger, but there is no 50% or 75% option.

Drag & Drop:

This works exactly as it sounds. Have the file uploader open in one window, and the image you wish to upload in another. Drag from that window to the uploader box, and the photo uploads itself with no additional steps. The uploader will stay open, so it may look as if nothing happened.