HOW TO: Read & Post Spoilers

You just read a book, saw a movie, or cracked the latest mystification, and you need to talk about it, but you don’t want to be That Person who spoils it for those who haven’t read/seen/solved it yet.

Well, here’s how to put the spoiler ball in the viewer’s court!

There are two ways to hide content in your post: the spoiler blur, and hiding details. Both are accessible through the gear symbol in the top right of the post editor. On mobile devices, some of the other features are hidden in there as well.

The Spoiler Blur:

You can select “Blur Spoiler” either before or after you have typed what you want to blur. If you select it before, there will be pre-selected filler text between the spoiler brackets. From there, you can paste it in, if you’ve copied it from a pre-typed post, or start typing your spoiler into the brackets.

If you type everything out first, including the section you want to blur, select that section before going into the gear menu.

Once you click “Blur Spoiler,” the spoiler brackets will appear to either side of what you wanted to hide.

Of course, typing out the spoiler brackets is always an option.

Hiding Details:

If you have a lot to say, even in a non-spoiler situation, this is a good way to save space on a potentially long topic. It’s what was used to document the introduction of the Secret Society pins pre-novella release, as it was originally an email that never made it to the forum. Here is what it looks like collapsed.

And here is what it looks like expanded.

If you’re hiding a lot of content, I’m sure you have it typed already. This is what it looks like if you haven’t pre-typed it straight into the editor.

From here, you can either type directly over the “This text will be hidden”, or paste over it. If you already had everything in the editor, just highlight everything you want to be hidden before clicking the “Hide Details” button, and the brackets will appear on either end of your selection.

You can change what it says next to the arrow, or remove any words to the right of it entirely, but I personally recommend having something there so it isn’t missed.