Hidden Book Game 2020

Hey everyone, apparently it’s that time of year again! Just got the email this morning announcing the National Book Token Hidden Books Game.

So far, I have 1.5 of 20 (.5 because I know what one ought to be, I can get it to say “nearly there”, but can’t figure out how exactly they think it isn’t quite right!)

Here’s the link if anyone else wants to join the fun.

And if you happen to figure out how to get that one to take, help a girl out, yeah? :simon:


I’ve only got 1 so far, either this year is super cryptic, or I haven’t been reading enough. Updating with spoiled hints as I work them out :slight_smile:

Left window Thomas Treasures
Additional hint dust
Answer The Amber Spyglass

Sir Precious Jewellers
Additional Hint My precious
Additional Hint One Ring to rule them all
Answer The Lord of the Rings

Canal Sign
Additional Hint Name the canal
Answer Grand Union


Okay, that’s some nonsense. I definitely typed it in that way at some point this morning.

Oh, and the one I had before was The Musical Crayfish clue.