Have Questions for The Making of TMP: Obenhedge (Fragment 3)? Ask them here!

Simon, Jonny, and I are recording episode 3 of the The Making of TMP this Friday afternoon. If you have questions, post them here!


I’ll bite. My question you probably planned to cover anyway.

Question: How badly did we screw this one up? Or if you prefer, how off the mark were we in the end?


We figured out the more different people we got to talk to Last Traveller, the faster we’d get pieces of the poem, but the faster he deteriorated. That part made us feel smart we figured it out and yet also terrified the act of solving it was harming him. It was a great balance of emotions. Very nice touch.

After we got all the pieces, including the last piece from a hand written note to Deeds on her blog, it feels like we hit a giant wall. None of us could figure out the exact order the lines went. None of us could find any significance to the poem itself (and we spent a lot of time trying.) Someone, somewhere finally suggest we input the rhyme scheme into the Book, and despite the fact we didn’t even have the poem correct it turns out we only needed the first 12 or so letters and we lucked into the fact our incorrect poem happened to have the same rhyme scheme for the first 12 lines.

That gave us a word we didn’t know what to do with. In the end we contacted Cole with the word and he just sort of, solved it all for us. He corrected the poem for us, and gave us the fragment word.

On one hand it made at me at least feel like we had barely solved anything. On the other it was somewhat nice to get a peak behind the scenes of TMP into what would happen if we failed. It seemed clear that if we couldn’t solve it, the game wouldn’t just implode, or stall for years. There was a timeline to keep and even if the NPC’s had to do it, the fragments would get solved.

So on one hand that was comforting to know the game always had a path to it’s finale, even then. On the other, I always wonder what we missed when ‘magiq happens’ and we go from step 4 in the puzzle to step 7 and no one knows what steps 5 or 6 were.


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What inspired you to bring the fragment to Cole in his dreams? Was this planned, so you could mirror the dream communication in Phase Four or more of a failsafe in case we couldn’t figure it out?

Also, this might be more suited to Fragment Four but can you tell us more about Brandon’s life after leaving the Forest? Where did he go, to Neithernor? Or somewhere else?