Have questions for The Making of TMP: Fraylily & Eye of The Moons?

Wanna know more about Cole, King Rabbit, why Traveler started leaving clues in the middle of Eye of The Moons, or anything else? Leave your questions here! Simon and I will answer them at the end of the eps (we’re recording them back to back tomorrow!)


What really inspired the character of King Rabbit? He just seems to have such an eccentric character and I’ve been curious.


What was the deal with the book store phone number?!?!?!?!

I get the impression you’re not going to answer that just to vex me, so here’s a backup question. :slight_smile:

I was wondering about your plan for Deidre and if it changed course between phase 2 and 3.

Deidre was so excited in phase 2 about recreating AGP that it seemed things were really moving down a path. She was looking into getting copywrites, attending meetings of writers, researching self-publishing. I figured she’d recreate the company as the Boss/CEO and she’d hire some really talented writer she met during her writer’s meetings she was attending (CJB) to handle all the day to day stuff. That way we could explain how CJ came to take over AGP, and Deidre would become the ‘Betty Crocker’ of AGP. Then pretty seamlessly the ‘in game’ AGP could easily morph into the ‘out of game’ AGP, with a fictional character nominally in charge.

After phase 2 though, once we ‘woke her up’. She pretty much immediately dropped any idea of recreating AGP. Twice she even said some version of ‘There just seem to be more important (or bigger) things to do.’ I don’t think she ever again mentioned restarting the company. But obviously it’s been restarted, we all have the mugs and shirts to prove it.

Is there some ‘in game’ explanation for how AGP becomes all this? Was this the plan all along?

Edit: Oh wait, that second question is probably for a later podcast. I just got this was for phase 1 questions. Yeah, go with the phone number one. :wink:


Got a second question, this time about the proper phases. When Cole first came on our radar you left the hint/idea that someone should reach out and contact him and see what he knows. It took us over a month for one of the readers to get up the nerve to contact Cole.

Did you have a plan for what would have happened if none of us EVER reached out to Cole?


Who/What inspired Cole, King Rabbit, and Traveler? Who’s personality was the hardest to create?


Correct me if I’m wrong, but King Rabbit took Sullivan’s pocket watch when he chased down Deidre? He said he got what he was promised? What ever happened to that watch? Why bother taking it?


What guild was Lachmann?
What guild was KR? (My money is on Bali)


Will we learn more in the future about King Rabbit and how he came to be associated with the Council? I’m really curious about how KR fits into the greater Magiqverse as well, since he’s not a part of the Council proper. Is he a Woolie? Or just another pocket of magiq that managed to slip through the cracks? Also, what was the deal with his possession? Who did he possess and was there a particular reason why he chose that person?

Oh and I’ve gotta ask, why the field video? :joy: Was there any significance to its content, or you simply wanted something repetitive and lengthy and that fit the bill?

As far as Cole, what kinds of early story paths did you have in mind for him that you didn’t end up taking? Did you expect for him to become as close to the Mounties as he did, or was that always planned?