Happy Day of Change!

Hi Mounties!
A quick check-in to let you know we didn’t forget you or The Day of Change! We were busy all day clearing out the garden for the season and we celebrated with a big dinner using our haul (we had a good year produce-wise) and lots of exhausted laughs (and drinking.)

We wanted you all to know that in our wine-haze we came up with an alternative to The Day of Change given how much change is already sweeping our planet right now, both mundane and magimystical.

We propose a holiday in the spring to counter the Day of Change. It’s called…

The Day of Same.

You literally do nothing new or impactful all day long. No new ideas, habits, revelations, media, nothing. We’re talking staying in your pajamas, eating leftovers, bingeing shows you already watched, books you already read…

Just fully embracing things exactly as they were the day before.

Doesn’t that sound amazing?

We’re planning to hunker down for our first full official fall at Lion’s Heart. We want to spend the cold months figuring out what we want this place to be, now that we know how to survive here. We want to figure out our place in the Book of Briars, which includes learning more about the castle’s history, and who lived here before.

No word from Ali, by the way, she should be due any moment, but I know she’s been with her mom, so I don’t want to pester her. When I hear from her, I’ll let you know.

Onward to Samhain, Mounties! My second favorite time of year! :jack_o_lantern: :bat: :ghost: :fallen_leaf:


I could use a Day of Same! Something to rest ourselves and recharge after so much happening.


A day to enjoy the little mundane things we do every day, in a new light, seems like something we could all really use. :purple_heart:


I LOVE it! All things need their balances, and a day for stability and gratitude for what Is sounds delightful!

I’m only an itty bit jealous of your castle feast from the garden… Seems perfectly hobbitish!


What a wonderful idea! I always love another reason to decompress and center myself again.


Usually my Day of Same is the day after NYE.:confounded: