Guild Songs/ Anthems

Oh shoot, I hope I’m doing this right! Anyway, I’m new when it comes to magiq, but Octavian suggested we help by creating around the campfire.

W I first joined I thought the guilds were really cool! But I also saw that they weren’t really explored too much. Therefore we could try and expand each guild’s culture (I hope that makes sense). Maybe we could do this by creating songs or anthems for each group. Kind of like a national anthem but instead it says what that guilds all about. I feel like it’d be fun and a good break from…recent events.

Plus can’t spells be cast from song? Look at the cagliostro! Maybe singing them as a group would have the effect of a moral / magiq booster? Who knows!

Here’s what I’ve been writing for Flinterforged. It’s totally raw and I’m open to anyone changing it (i tried to make it into an actual song but that’s super hard when you lack musical talent and editing knowledge!). Sorry if this thread is too long.


Born in fires burning bright
Spark of flint, ignites the light
Pursuing thy own desires
The forged won’t ever tire

(-Break between each verse-)

The shining sun paves the way
Least our future be dark and grey
Lending a hand to those we can
Building the future is our plan

Making Runes and Machines
It’s in our blood, it’s in our genes
The forge’s flames course through our veins
The answers you seek rest within our brains

Pickaxes clanked and wrenches banged
Throughout the mountain our voices rang
Till one day when they were gone
But yet we ever still push on

Our task is noble for we are meek
The secrets of Briars is what we seek
Working hard til’ end of day
To try and follow the founder’s way

Climbing hard, towards the peak
Connecting clues as we speak
Casting spells and others crafts
Mixing in with the rift raft!

The Day’s Work is what we live
Our sweet, tears, and blood is what we’ll give
With Magiq as our leading guide
The forged ascend the mountainside.


This is awesome!


Awesome! Just need someone to put music to it!



I hope this starts a trend among the guild.


At first I imagined it being kind of like a working song, where everyone chants it like in ‘Frozen Heart’ from frozen, the part where the soldiers sing in ‘Make a Man Out of You’ from Mulan, and ‘The Misty Mountains’ from the hobbit. The hobbit then led me to seeing it as an slow Irish jig / fiddler song. Then I started singing it to the tune of some radio songs and realized (if it has a refrain and maybe some verses get switched) that it can be sung almost anyway. So if anyone wants to record this, do whatever your heart desires lol.


Are we taking a slow happy jog or slow sad jig?


Could be either or but I imagined the jig as happy and the chant as more sad


I wanna write for Gossmere but IDK what to do…


I just started coming up with rhymes about my guild. Then I looked at what the magiq guide said about my guild an went from there. It all took about 3 days tops