Guild Initiation!

Hello everyone!

We all went through it. so we should talk about initiation!

What does your guild do for initiation into its ranks?

Polyguilds, yes they ARE a thing, have to do all of their guilds’ initiation rites.



wait, so i have to take an initiation into balimora? 0 3 0!


well to join the #Forged one must first be the coolest in school :sunglasses:

Secondly, there is some other stuff that I don’t particularly know… but the main thing is you have to be cool!


I had to reorganize the library computer system.:weary: I swear that thing hadn’t been updated in years.


I’d say to join the forge, you have to create something, it can be anything but it has to be totally original.


Work feverishly on your project all night in silence, and in the morning, we give you coffee. :wink:

Edit: Right, @Revenir?


Thornmouth initiation involves a Tome Kindling session. The initiate brings their favorite book and takes the rest of the guild on a journey through it. It is both a test of magiqal ability (the more vivid the tome kindling, the more powerful the initiate) but also a deep look into what kind of person they are. What we read and what we respond to can tell people a lot about us.

Edit: I mean the first test is finding the lighthouse, but the Tome Kindling is more of an official initiation.


Oh yeah, I think I said something along those lines last night. :joy:

I can’t imagine Flinterforges bothering with a fancy initiation test. The test is the work. If you show up and do your work, you’ll naturally be recognized.


We’re very inclusive


Ours involves some kind of survival test. like, you’re to do 3 things.

Step 1: You make your own bow.

Step 2: You get dropped off somewhere, and are given a minimum for survival.
You are allowed your bow and arrows, and your Chronocompass.

Step 3: Find your way to a rendezvous/extraction point.

There will be a port or gate back to Ebenrest at that point.

basically you go on some kind of adventure and find your way home.

or something like that.

I think making their own bows is def one.


Ours naturally involves a race around the world but instead of collecting material possessions to show you’ve been to different countries you collect; Customs, words… basically the culture of all the different countries which builds in us our sense of acceptance and tolerance towards other cultures, faiths and points of view


However, initiates don’t have to visit all of the 190 or so countries. That would take ages, given the requirements that Sky listed above. However, the proctors of the Weatherwatch initiation usually chose about 5 countries for our initiates to visit. The initiation ritual also helps our initiates develop their skill in using “The Silver Tongues of Kalivar,” however it may manifest, as communication in some capacity is necessary to learn about the cultures of others in a meaningful way. Learning cross-cultural communication is an essential skill for our Weatherwatchers.


Hahahaha oh God, could you imagine how LONG that would take :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Thanks for the save Remus! Yes aspiring future Weatherwatchers please don’t visit ALL 190 countries (unless you bring me along too)


The real reason Weatherwatch doesn’t have as many members. They didn’t get that memo and are out exploring the globe.


:sweat_smile: This is why there should always be at least one responsible adult accompanying a Skylad at all times :joy::joy:


our adventure lets us see the Golden Balance, and put our affinities in practice.
using scrying to get a view of where we go, and using makepeace and combat magic as we go.
heck, even Grim’s Convergence is useful.
it def helped me through my initiation.


Balimora don’t really have a ‘usual’ initiation ritual. That would be predictable and boring.

Sometimes it goes something like this though.

-Initiate has a brief discussion with a Balimora leader(s).

-Leaders task the initiate with a special quest usually tailored to the initiates specific strengths and weaknesses.

Past tasks have included.

Recovering an object of great power.
Recover an object of great historic significance to the guild.
Recover an object sentimental to the quest giver.
Performing a specific task for no specific given reason, which may or may not have a specific reason.
Study Balmoran history and write a lengthy report on a topic of the questee’s choice.
Pick up the quest givers dry cleaning.
Make the quest giver a really nice lunch.

-After the task is awarded one of three things usually happen.

Option 1) The initiate succeeds in their task and is made a member of the guild.

Option 2) The initiate fails in their task and is usually given a new task.

Option 3) The initiate says “No, I’m not doing that. That’s a silly requirement” in which case they are made a guild member, and put on the fast track to guild leadership.

All of this is, as usual, subject to change.


Of course, we usually don’t even have to explain it. We show new Flinters one of the work rooms and they get all starry-eyed and just sort of…go at it. I think at least one new initiate went as long as 14 hours before looking up and recalling that there were other Guild members there. :joy:


sounds about right robert.

Was Steve’s Task to put antlers on something without antlers?


I think that’s just his hobby.