Guild Fountains

Imagine this. Each guild hall has a fountain. Imagine further: what would drinking from each fountain do? What would the fountains look like? Would they even have water? What if it was Kool-Aid? Maybe not the last part, but really anything goes! Just, maybe, do explain your idea if it’s something weird. Like Kool-Aid.


I’ll start. My ideas are as follows:

Balimora: drinking from the fountain inspires a chaotic personality, so whichever personality trait is most prominent in the drinker is suddenly made much more prominent.

Ebenguard: drinking from this fountain centers a person, making them calmer and more even-keeled.

Thornmouth: drinking from this fountain confers a drastically increased knowledge of a single topic, for a limited time. The topic is whatever the drinker was thinking of at the time.

Flinterforge: drinking from this fountain results in a flash of creative genius the likes of which none have ever experienced. The drinker will suddenly be inspired to create a master work of epic proportions.

Weatherwatch: drinking from this fountain allows one to visualize perfectly any location on Earth or beyond. Afterwards, the drinker is struck with the sudden desire to visit that location.

Gossmere: drinking from this fountain allows one to party all night. A single drink offers the energy one needs to dance to the beat of the common drum incessantly for the next 8 hours. At least.


Going to post here what I was thinking for Ebbie’s
I like the idea of a calming effect. Drinking it offers a super tranquil feeling. I also like the idea of an energy boost/physical to keep on defending that Golden balance.

Could the Ebenguard fountain be two pools that would be the discs on a set of scales? And you take what you need at the time? Or perhaps to continue with the theme of balance, it could be two pools, but one (tranquility) would be shaped and tiled as the moon, and the other (energy) would be the sun? And the fountain could be in the centre of Ebenrest?

Just some ideas.


For Ebenguard, I was almost thinking that it could boost physical capabilities. I would be curious as to what the Ebenguardians think?

… And @Ginger beat me to it. Well I guess I know now


I’m not a Gossmere, but I think that if you were to drink from the Gossmere fountain, you would instantly become more friendly, but also energetic as you mentioned earlier.


I’m sorry! :sweat_smile:

Those are just some ideas. It’s not set in stone, so we could always play around with it.


Actually, that’s a good point. Would these fountains ever be set in stone? Perhaps for Balimora the fountain would be carved from wood.


I know this somewhat defeats the purpose of a fountain, but I think the Balimora fountain would be fed by this sort of meandering stream


So each fountain bosts a piece of your personality?


It would be a waterfall fountain.


I imagine the Gossmere fountain as being designed such that the Jets of water are sort of flat and arranged at angles like a lotus blossom.


I feel that there should be some kind of exchange such as throwing a penny into a fountain to get a wish. Though for the guild fountains it would obviously be something different and specific to each one. For example the Thornmouth fountain would require you to throw something into the fountain related to what you want to know more about while also think of it to increase the chance of getting the knowledge you need.


Balimorans would just throw Steve in to create chaos :antlers:


Wouldn’t that be the equivalent of dropping an antler nuke? Oh no the Antler Apocalypse!!!


You get antlers, and you get antlers, and YOU GET ANTLERS!


The Oprah of antlers!


i agree with ginger’s idea of the moon and sun ones.

and yes. this would be at the center of the traquility and zen garden at Sentinel’s Rest, or Ebenrest for short.


I think the Gossmere fountain would be shaped to look like a large drum, and if you look into its waters you see wherever you call home. Drinking the water offers comfort, and has powerful healing properties.