Guild Fashion

So, I don’t know about any of you, but Im a bit obsessed with fashion. (Not that I can ever afford anything that I love).
The other day me and @Viviane were talking about looks inspired by the guilds! I would love to see what you guys come up with!! Ill post some Gossmere looks as soon as I can (Lucky for me my wardrobe is literally a rainbow of Gossmere colors!)
Love yall!


Google Steampunk :flinterforge:


So apologies to @OracleSage for bugging him to start this thread and then not posting anything for a week. I had to do a bunch of sketching and I didn’t want to post any until I’d given them some color.

Anyway, here’s the first colored representation I have - inspired by Thornmouth.

I feel like it could be easy to stick Thornmouth fashion into a sort of quiet bookworm corner, but I feel like that’s way oversimplifying, so I wanted my model to have a little personalized magiqal flair. Thus, my spunky purple-loving Thornie ready to uncover some ancient secrets. :grin: Classy silky blouse, fun plaid capris, and of course a stylish vest.

(Side note: if anyone knows how to draw shoes from multiple angles and wants to teach me, that person would be my hero.)


Aaaaand the other one I colored tonight: Balimora. This one I think has a sort of Burning Man, literally-plays-with-wolves feeling, which is one of the ways I can see Balimoran traits manifesting. (Also, shoutout to @Sellalellen who unknowingly inspired the sandals.)