Good things come to those who wait

When I was young my mum used to say to me “Good things come to those who wait”. Everytime i wanted someting she would say it. So I learned to waited and waited and waited. As the years passed I believe less and less in that saying, I began to resent it. Until one day something happened. I discovered you guys, my fellow Mounties. Though I’ve never been a massive part of all this, just chipping in here and there doing my bit, its felt like a second home. When I first met you, dear book, you were in a sorry state, all burned and charred with most of you destroyed but now I get to see you in all your glory. Though I’ve never really met you but you’ve done so much for me and when you’re finally open I will have no idea what direction my life will go in, no idea what I’m supposed to do. All I can do is dance in the chaos that swirls around me and wait for good things to come to me.