Getting Our Bearings - Flinterforged

So, what do you guys think of the Guild Bearings we discovered? How do the Flinter bearings interact with each other? How do you feel about yours? What do you think the affinities mean? Where did they come from?

What’s your Guild Bearing?


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I absolutely am going to have some thoughts about the bearings in our guild, but I’m still wading through all the lore at the moment. For the sake of transparency, I’m also right on the edge of two bearings it seems. I’ve taken the quiz several times (to appease the guide-induced existential crisis) and gotten both Corrilave and Phantorist. I’ve narrowed it down to which question I was waffling on, so I’m currently giving that a ponder.


I haven’t looked into each of the bearings yet, but mine (Corrilave, bringing ideas together through different people) seems pretty spot on with my upbringing and habits. For a while I felt I saw people through a Gossmere lens. My sister is Goss (not on the forum, she has less free time) and growing up together we shared a lot of opinions about helping people and simply Being There. I’ve always been a Listener, but I’ve also been a Fixer, using what I know or have heard to try and compromise ideas, make them work better or bigger, for people or systems.
Reading through Corrilave, and seeing my affinity as Unifier’s Will, I thought back on my past projects; how I’d talk people together not strictly through what they have done, but rather through what they could work together to achieve - kinda like having a Grouper/Leader, Researcher, Thinker, Writer, Artist, and Presenter on the team in school projects. You want them to work together, but different roles need to be filled for it to be the best it can be