Freewrite: 6 February 2018

Our first unscheduled Writing Club freewrite! The goal today is 5 Minutes.

What is freewriting?

Freewriting is an exercise in which a person writes continuously for a set period of time without regard to spelling, grammar, or topic. It is a technique used by writers to generate ideas and connect concepts, dissolve writer’s apathy and writer’s block, and let your stream of consciousness emerge. During freewriting, you put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), start your timer, and write. From the beginning of the predetermined time til the end, the goal is to keep writing, even if all you have to say is “I don’t know what to say.”

Feel free to post your freewrite below (if it’s appropriate) or simply comment to let us know how it went!


Alright here goes. Never done this before. The bottomed of my pant legs are wet. I was shooting outside in the snow and didn’t notice until after I came indoors to edit them. The snow is something like 2 feet deep and there’s supossed to be more tomorrow. Thank goodness it’s dry snow that’s easy to shovel. Why on earth am I doing this on the forum? No one wants to read this rambling. I’m just going to embarrass myself. Hah it’s probably not the most embarrassing thing I’ve put online. How much longer do I have? Nope. Not going to look at the timer. I’ve had Red Velver’s Peek A boo stuck in my head all morning. I’m tempted to try dancing to it but I don’t really like the choreography.


Okay that wasn’t so long as I thought it would feel like.


Okay, sounds fun. Type for five minutes without stopping or paying attention to how bad it is. I call that ‘Tuesday’. Crap…that’s not funny. Today is tuesday. I should edit that to say Thursday. Thursday is a funnier day. Nope, can’t unsled this hill, moving on.

So I found a thing, Endeavor safety solutions. On one hand there’s teere’s the thrill of finding a thing no one else may ever have sdeen. On the other hand if someone ends up calling them and accidently calls in a toxic spill report that’s on me and I’d feel bad. Not as bad as when people almost committed themselves to the go-getters, but bad nontheless. Although, calling in toxic spills does sound less troublesome than swatting, but still it’d be bad.

Looks like they are more teachers than anything else. Calling in someone to accidently teach you how to deal with toxic spills is way less funny. Right so moving on. Man, I’m tired. 2am my 2 year old finally went to sleep. This is insane. Greanted, I fell asleep around midnight while he played in the living room. He’d wake me every 10 or so minutes by smacking my head saying ‘wake up daddy’ which oddly never gets old. At 1:30 I wokr up to see him streaking by the sofa and I figured it was time to fully wake up and be a parent. Naked untrained children are not a good thing.

Okay, stioll typing. So…what do you want to talk about? I’m running out of ideas. HJmmmm, so magical Osha as Viv put it. I love that idea. They’ve got to hsave one right? When things get bad, you need someone to clean up the mess. Blood, ichor, goo, ectoplasm, wehatever. Things get messy when you’re doing magiq. I mean I make a right mess when I makje a cheese sandwich. I wish I could hire these guys to clean up after my sandwiches. If they used magiq that’d be even better. No, stop looking at the timer. It’s 25 dseconds and
4 seconds ago was 29. You know how math works. Just keep typing. Nebver stop typing. Type tpe type…

and done. That was fun, thanks! I will now never reread this because my ocd will force me to fix all those spelling mistakes.


God I’m so tired. My room is strewn with clothes I don’t have the energy or motivation to pick up. Forgot to take my medication last night until midnight. Gonna have a super depressed day in a week. Bracing for that. Did some art last night, that was nice. Got too focused and tired to do the reading for class today. I feel like I build up these expectations for myself of this incredibly productive person and only lower my self esteem when I inevitably fail. On a happier note, I’m thinking about maybe getting a tattoo when I study abroad next year. Got onto the Oaxaca trip with the museum. Closest I’ll ever get to an ‘expedition’ in the traditional sense. I have a desperate need to go to Iceland for some reason. Nothing is technically stopping me right now. Tickets on that sketchy airline are only a couple hundred bucks. But I gotta save up. Got Oaxaca and Mystic, and possibly Seattle if i get that internship. I feel like I have so much STUFF. I need to get rid of it but I can’t really find the gaps where I could get rid of stuff. I’m losing money if I get rid of something and end up needing it but it also costs money to keep it, ship it. Maybe I should just pack a backpack and leave. Live off what I can carry. Trade books at used bookstores and thrift stores. Walk anywhere. Go somewhere new. I dunno. I’d be throwing a lot away.

DONE. Wow that got a little more introspective than I expected. Thanks for the exercise!


Well … here’s my ramble unedited despite how badly I want to.
I do quite enjoy freewriting, but I use it towards assignments and essays (it is a very helpful tool and I highly recommend) so normally they’re not about me. So doing one about my life is awkward. Anyways, here you go.

I had a crazy dream last night. Except that’s sort of the norm these days. It is quite embarrassing if I’m being honest when you go camping, and in the morning someone asks who had the night terrors. I don’t intend to. I definitely do not intend to make noise during my fitful bouts of sleep. It’s always about things in my past that I would rather forget, and it drives me nuts that I cant move on. I want to, but my subconscious is like nope! It’s the worst. I’m already a light sleeper and wake up all the time, I don’t need more things to add to that. That’s life I guess. You can’t have good without bad. And no that things are getting so much better perhaps I need to stop and reflect on just how bad they were and see how far I’ve come, but it’s weird to judge experiences against other experiences. I don’t quite think they are equivalent like that. How can I put the indescribable feeling of flying against how incredibly happy it makes me when I read a good book? Both are things I love and enjoy and bring happiness, but still aren’t the same. I think that’s true for a lot of the human experience. How can you tell someone you understand and know how it feels? You aren’t them. You haven’t lived their life. I guess that’s why empathy exists. It’s as close as we’ll get.