Fragment One: Fraylily

Fragment One: Fraylilly

Sullivan Green, once owner of Ackerly Green Publishing and later eccentric recluse was long thought to be the key to uncovering The Lost Collection and the truth about our world. When he passed away in 2016 the Mountaineers feared our last hope of learning that truth passed with him. That was until we discovered he had an heir.

The Mountaineers eventually uncovered the identity of Sullivan’s daughter, Deidre Green. Deidre only had a few scattered childhood memories of her father. He left her with her Aunt in Ireland when she was very young and then mysteriously cut off all contact with her. Now an adult, Deirdre flew to New York City to attend to her father’s last wishes and in the final possessions he left her were a pocket watch, a well worn book, and pair of strange loose pages. She was given full use of the brownstone her dad secretly owned until his matters were attended to. In the meantime, Deirdre acclimated to “life” in New York, exploring the city for the first time, while reading Through The Night, the book her father left her, which turned out to be published by Ackerly Green in 1960.

Ascender, leader of The Mountaineers, was finally able to get a copy of the pages for us to look through and after much investigation and photoshop exploration a hidden message within the page was discovered. It seems the floral elements, previously thought to just be decoration, when cut out and assembled into an image, formed a flower none of us had ever seen before. A google reverse image search led us to Cole Sumner’s blog, who had seen the flower in a dream and had been moved to sketch it. He called it the Fraylilly. Using the word on the Book of Briars site revealed the first key pieces and ended Fragment One.


Added my rough draft above. Feel free to eviscerate it in a constructive way. :slight_smile:


FANTASTIC work, @Robert! I will tweak (and welcome others’ suggestions) but this is in REALLY great shape!

I also wanted to share with you guys what another awesome Mountaineer has done for us. I messaged @Crytter because everyone was impressed by the work they did for the guilds over in Campfire and @Cyrtter DELIVERED… this is my rough edit with a temp score… Narration will go over this.


@Robert, have you seen what @Crytter did to go with your description of fragment one? I just got fragments 2 and 3 from them and they’re just as incredible!


I did, and they’re incredible. I wrote up most of fragment 2 then lost it in a horrible “I’m an idiot and didn’t save before a reboot” incident. i’ll do some more today.


Added the “Meanwhile Deirdre” section for this fragment. Feel free to do your magiq with it.